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  1. Hi, i just got my K1 visa. Just to double check if we need any application in home country or document before enter US? I am planning to get my single status certificate in Malaysia now. Anything else other than that for marriage registration?
  2. may i know your nationality? and where do you get it? is the process hard?
  3. nope. i am Malaysian not Singaporean. but i heard that only US Embassy in Philiphines need that? anyway i am not sure if i need that for my registration of marriage in US. i will still get one in Malaysia before i enter US.
  4. my interview was done on 3/19 (tuesday), then the status changed to "issued" on yesterday 3/21. Supposed able to collect it on today but when i called to Aramex the staff told me mine is delivery not self pick up. and the address doesnt match with my address. So i requested for self pick up and that can only be done on Monday 3/25.
  5. They only asked my passport, us-passport size photo x 2, birth cert (original & photocopy), COC (original & photocopy), I-134, and my fiance IRS Tax Transcript (Photocopy). i prepared a long list of document but they never ask any. below highlighted in green are the documents they asked ORIGINAL PHOTOCOPY PASSPORT ● ● PASSPORT - OLD WITH US B1/B2 VISA ● ● US SIZED PHOTO X 2 ● PR CARD ● ● MALAYSIA IC CARD ● ● EMPLOYMENT CARD ● ● DS-160 x ● PAYMENT INVOICE x ● CHECKLIST SIGNED x ● BIRTH CERT ● ● BIRTH CERT TRANSLATION ● ● COC (SIN & MAL) ● ● I-134 ● ● EMPLOYMENT LETTER ● ● PAY STUB (FEB) x ● PAY STUB (FEB) x ● W-2 (2018 & 2017) ● ● TAX TRANSCRIPT (2017) ● ● MORTGAGE STATEMENT (2019) ● ● BANK STATEMENT (SAVINGS) x ● BANK STATEMENT (CHECKING) x ● LETTER OF INTENT - BENEFICIARY ● ● LETTER OF INTENT - PETITIONER ● ● P3 RECEIVE LETTER W CASE # ● ● BROCHURE:DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ● x I-797C (NOA1) ● ● I-797 (NOA2) ● ● I-129F (RECEIVED FROM P3) ● x I-129F (FIRST APPLICATION) ● x K1-FTP ● ● DS-3025 x ● AIR TICKET ● ● EXPEDIA ITINERARY x ● ENGAGEMENT RING/WEDDING BAND INVOICE ● ● EVIDENCE OF RELATIONSHIP ● x INCOME TAX (2016-2018) ● ● BANK STATEMENT (SAVINGS) x ●
  6. i called to Fullerton again on the weekend before Tuesday interview. and they told me already mailed it. Interview was ok. only few questions compared to others. arrived at 8am and finished at 9:30am
  7. @Greenbaum once they approved your visa on the interview, how about the practice for others on the b1/b2 visa? i would like to know whether officer chopped cancelled on the travel visa at other countries? i just had intv yesterday and they chopped cancelled on my travel visa (only after i told them before i left)
  8. just called the clinic and they told me usually takes 10 working days. but mine is at 11th working days. then told me they will check with clinic staff and call me. and then he even asked if us embassy contact me about this report yet. as in they want to wait until very last min where chasing by embassy only they would send out -.-
  9. yet they charge so expensive and seems like a high standard clinic. look at their service....yeah i think i might need to walk in after my interview to push them
  10. Fullerton still haven't deliver my medical report to US Embassy even after 14 days! They told me they are going to delivery next week. my interview is on 3/19 (next Tuesday). What would i expect if they haven't deliver my report by the time i attend the interview?
  11. -------------------- Continue about Medical Examination ----------------------- 03/01/2019: Medical Examination at Fullerton on 3/1 10:00am Let me share more about medical screening: Before Medical Examination: I called to Fullerton to make appt in Jan and got the earliest slot on 2/8. But then my packet 3 wasn't arrive in time so i have to reschedule. Called to Fullerton again on 2/7 to reschedule and the next available slot is already after 1 month which is 3/7. I have tried my luck to call Fullerton to ask for any cancellation from others or earlier slots and they put me to 3/1. Advice: Once you confirmed your case is in between <at NVC> -- <In Transit>, you can start to call Fullerton as the next available slot could be after 3-4 weeks 03/01/2019: 09:15am arrived at Fullerton (it is located at Ngee Ann Tower B. The elevator is near to "Sincere" watch shop), wrote my name on the list and waited with no next information. Lucky i have read through the forum before and understand the procedure. Advice: Arrive as early as possible even before your appointment time. They based on first come first serve. 03/01/2019: 09:50am Finally my name was called after 30-40mins. Front counter took away my passport, 4 copies of passport-size photos which we need to sign on the white background of all 4 photos (upper left or right corner on top of head), Fullerton registration form, and embassy letter with case number. *the staff was not able to find my appt details and asked if i have make appt and reply the email. i told them i did and i wasn't sure if they find it anyway they proceed. Advice: Remember to bcc your own email when you reply to the clinic for proof, and prepare photocopies for documents to reduce the time 03/01/2019: 10:00am Returned my passport, gave me a queue no, and asked me to collect urine Advice: Drink more water in the morning before you go 03/01/2019: 10:10am Asked to enter room 06, the male nurse asked about my vaccination record. I bring along my yellow book and document from TTSH and even prepared photocopies for all my documents. The process was fast and they just collect blood since no vaccines needed. In short, applicants at my age (30-40yo) only need MMR 1 dose, Tdap, Influenza, and Varicella. Details regarding vaccinations please refer to my 1st post. Advice: Get vaccines way earlier before screening date (i think one can start to get it after NOA2). And again prepare photocopies for documents is always good 03/01/2019: 10:35am Entered another room, measured heaight and weight, took eyesight and eye-blindness test, and waited outside x-ray room 03/01/2019: 10:45am Entered x-ray room, updated the staff about last menstrual cycle, signed on the paper to confirm not pregnant, changed my clothes and done x-ray Advice: Try to wear top + pant, not one-piece dress. The x-ray clothes prepared by Fullerton is a short top only 03/01/2019: 10:50am Informed front counter x-ray was done and asked to enter room 02 for regular health check. Doctor went through questions about health conditions, measured body temperature, blood pressure, and some regular body check up 03/01/2019: 10:55am Informed front counter all done and waited for payment 03/01/2019: 11:10am Payment done. I have to pay a total of SG$342.40 (Investigation SG$135, Medical Examination SG$150, X-ray SG$35, GST 7%). I was asked to wait for a while to get my x-ray CD on the spot too. The staff told me the delivery to US Embassy takes 10 working days. but based on my reading on forum, i will call to Fullerton again to make sure they have send out before my interview *Questions related to DS3025: I have checked with the staff and they told me i have to email them to request for DS-3025. Overall experience was smooth (part of it cause i was well prepared and went through forum before). It took me 2 hours. -------------------- To be Continued -----------------------
  12. i have just done my medical screening. i asked for ds3025 and the staff told me i have to email them to request. do i have to attach empty form or directly email will do?
  13. thanks! btw i received my interview date via email today. it is 3 weeks from now
  14. @Greenbaum hey GB, do you have any idea? my fiance is going to deliver the documents (wet ink) to me by today. Please help ! Thank you!!!!!
  15. hi does anyone know that for the "letter of intent" which we are supposed to bring along during interview, do we need to change the address? Previously when we sent in for I-129F, below is the address i put. But right now for Singapore Consulate do i need to change the address as well?
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