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  1. I wrote to them to check if they received package forwarded from US only. Then for interview appointment I remember it was through email and mail notification. Maybe they have change the system now where you can make online appointment. So you get to choose the date you want too? I clearly remember I didnt get to choose, different from Travel B1/B2 Visa. Anyway good that you have a date now
  2. Hi everyone, interview went smooth yesterday (3/5). waiting time was around 1h15mins (probably we arrived late like 5mins before the appointment time) then intv was only 15mins. No documents or Evidences asked from us even we brought a bag of papers. The officer then printed a paper and congratz us. told me i will receive my gc within 2 weeks!
  3. thanks for the info. on the interview notice we need to bring along Petitioner’s Birth Certificate AND Evidence of US Citizenship. My husband doesn’t have Birth Certificate. Is this compulsory?
  4. Hi Congratz! How long it took for the interview? Any specific questions they asked?
  5. Congratz! Do you have a list of documents you prepared for the intv? How about the intv questions? was it tough?
  6. just received my interview notice yesterday. The new interview date is in March. I had actually received interview notice last 3 weeks but 4 days after received another cancellation for no reason. We called to USCIS and was told to wait for a new date and the reason for cancellation or reschedule is unknown 😂 Anyway we have the new date and its 3 weeks after the first date which is not too bad. hope everything goes smooth! My timeline: 8/7: AOS Submission 8/17: NOA 9/5: Biometrics 10/10: Ready to be Scheduled 12/6: Combo Card Received 1/8: Interview Scheduled 1/13: Interview (first) Notice Received 1/17: Interview Cancellation Notice 1/20: Call USCIS 1/29: Ready to be Scheduled (updated again) 2/3: Interview Notice Received Hope everyone can get their updates soon!
  7. Hi anyone have the contact to call and speak to an officer? I have tried to call the USCIS contact center 1-800-375-5283 but theres no options to speak to a human
  8. Hi all, I have just received a Interview Cancellation Notice today (1/17). There is no reschedule date mentioned. I am actually received the interview notice 4 days ago on 1/13 and have the intv date on 2/12. Not sure what happened or what circumstances but anyone experience this before? Location: LA
  9. Hi all just received my interview letter. I have several questions: 1) in the letter I am required to bring Government issued photo identification, such as driving license or ID. May I know is this refer to US Driving License or Real ID Card? Do i have to apply dl or real ID before the interview? i am confused...Or I can bring along my home-country ID? 2) the medical examination (I-693) - I have submitted DS3025 when i applied for AOS I-485 (applied from K1). My vaccination date done for K1 Visa was in Jan 2019. My current interview date is in mid of Feb. Do i have to re-do all the health screening? the status changed but then i received my interview notice today! intv date - 2/12. how about you?
  10. I just check the status again and it changed back to “ready to be schedule an intv” as of 1/10. 🙄 did you experience the same? it was “intv was scheduled” as of 1/8 before. i did screenshot the page. sigh.
  11. omg! after reading your post i quickly refresh the status and it is updated to “intv scheduled” as of 1/8!!!!! My location is LA. OMG! waited since early of Oct...anyway, i should get ready for the intv!
  12. received EAD card on 12/6 Anyone know if i can apply DL using EAD card in California?
  13. 8/7 - AOS mailed 9/5 - Bio 10/9 - “ready to schedule” 12/2 - case was approved for EAD and AP 12/3 - case was mailed to me for EAD LOCATION: Los Angeles Anyone have similar timeline in LA who is still waiting for the interview date?
  14. hey guys a quick question, what is CIS Office mean? Is that referring to the office at which I am staying and going to have my interview? cause I always thought it should be Chicago since the application was sent to USCIS Chicago address?
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