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  1. When did you send ? I sent mine on Monday it’s yet to be delivered
  2. Just sent AOS today, now the waiting game begins again. 😀
  3. would SS card be considered government-issued identity document?
  4. aminkowz

    Still waiting on Social Security card

    Most likely your husband name was not in the system (SAVE) when you guys applied, if that is the case, SSA office will have to validate his records with Homeland which may take few weeks..nothing to worry about, they will eventually confirm his status as K1 visa holder. I went to the SSA office last week to my apply, my record was not the system then, I asked them to not process my form, I check the SAVE database this morning and it returns my information, so I will try to apply later today. I hope this help. Here is the SAVE site for reference: https://save.uscis.gov/casecheck/SearchResultList.aspx
  5. Happy for you man, congrats. Good luck the rest of the way.
  6. Interview on 10/29, she got the passport back on 11/5.
  7. Thanks much, we are not planning name change, she will keep her full name even after marriage.
  8. Thanks for clarifying this, my finance is coming on Thursday and we were planning to go to SS office on Monday to apply. Hopefully that is not too soon
  9. No, just print DS-160 and your set.
  10. You don't need to compete medical to book the interview. Please proceed and book it
  11. Visa issued four days after the interview.
  12. you should be able to book it, we did and already had our interview
  13. Fiancee did the interview this morning and got approved. They only asked two questions apparently and she was out twenty minutes after her arrival. Such a relief VJ has been a great resource for us to lean on, it actually saved us lawyer money lol. I want to thank the founder, the members and especially the folks who contribute and help others around. You're the real MVPs (Kevin Durant voice lol) Good luck to everyone still in the process. Your time will come. Gracious!
  14. you just need updated later of intent to marry, you will be fine.