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  1. We are planning to move to different state due to work opportunity, does anyone know what effect that will have on AOS process? Our case is currently at 'case ready to be schedule for an interview' stage. Will our case be transferred to our new state? I don't expect interview to happen for a year as our current our local office is backlogged.
  2. She will, interview doesn't mean she will get GC immediately, EAD is only annulled once you have GC in hand.
  3. great, Feb filler also got the same update three weeks ago and he just got his EAD card on Tuesday..so fingers crossed :)
  4. I am Feb filler whose notice date is March, I read this thread every day, just bringing some positive vibes to all of you, this process is bit frustrating and confusing, but it will pass soon. So take it easy. (PS, I know someone from Feb who got EAD card last week, he did not expedite. so this things happen, but its really one-offs and not common)
  5. I noticed the EAD update as-well, hopefully we will receive positives news soon
  6. I received an update that my case was ready to be schedule for interview on April 10th, I just got another update that finger print review was completed for both AOS and EAD lol - is that normal? I would think before they decide to schedule for interview, they would have reviewed the case?
  7. Yes, they won’t work on the cases if there are not satisfied with the RFE response, case is now will be transferred to your local USCIS office.
  8. Yes I only submitted 2017 transcripts but they wanted latest tax returns. Fortunately we filed early and the transcripts were already posted on the IRS website.
  9. I know it’s frustrating and I wish you best of luck. We waited for almost month to get NOA1, then received RFE & Biometric later on the same week, RFE response was accepted on 25.
  10. Interesting that you had RFE for 864, I had one too for latest tax return..looks like they worked on our cases today
  11. Just got update that case is ready for interview. My local office ( Minneapolis) is notorious for long wait period, so I don’t expect any update this year 😂 I know someone from May last year still waiting for interview. 😡 Fingers crossed we will get AP soon. 😃
  12. Transcript are fine, so long as you have 2018 returns, you should be set
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