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  1. It’s okay to file outside 90 days. I have clarified this in USCIS Live chat officer.
  2. I think it was the last week's bad weather the domino effect in my packet. But packet was sent today! Now time to wait.
  3. My packet was stucked because of Severe weather conditions in Chicago.
  4. SAME! I keep on checking the same papers and documents for two days, I check if its complete and signed and not lacking anything and I know it is complete and comprehensive but I wasn't so sure and I thought, "dang! I should just send this is making me super anxious!" after sending, I felt better.
  5. Just turned in my packet today. Hope everything goes well. 🙏
  6. Thank you! I did the same.
  7. Hi guys! I need help again. For EAD, filing together with AOS. Do I need to check yes in item 14&15? Does this mean they will forward my married name and info to SS office and I will receive an updated SSN Card with updated details? Thanks!
  8. Thanks. I’m leaning to the side to file a joint sponsor as well to avoid RFE. RFE = long time waiting.
  9. 💥AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT : NEED SUGGESTIONS 💥 I need suggestions in filing Affidavit of Support for AOS, so my husband recently got hired (September 2018) for his work and passed the Poverty guidelines for household member of 2 (me and him = $20575 year 2020 guide ), please see photo 1. But because he was just recently hired, his 2018 tax income is low ($7767), see photo 2. My questions are: 1. Do you think we need to file a joint sponsor? (Btw, I have also my Dad-in-law's joint sponsor forms and documents, I was just thinking if I really need to file a joint because my husband's income made it to the poverty line.) 2. I think I have asked this before but just want to confirm, I will check 23a since he filed 2018, though did not file 2016&2017? 3. Should I check 23b? I got all his tax transcripts including, 2016&2017 non-filing tax transcript letter. 4. Should I check 25? Thanks y'all.
  10. No. This is my first to file AOS, my fiance (back then now my husband) petitioned me in through K1 visa. Now I am about to file my AOS very soon.
  11. Same thought! But I am getting mixed answers, some say it's okay not to file, some say it's a misdemeanor not to file.
  12. I didn’t file AOS yet. That was my first plan too until I bumped to a similar question like this on facebook groups and people are saying we should change address online.
  13. CHANGE OF ADDRESS Did anyone change address online before mailing their AOS? We just moved after wedding and our address now is different from address in I-129F. I’ve read in USCIS website that even I don’t have a pending case yet, I need to change address.
  14. So does anyone did Online change of address after wedding but before AOS application? I enter US through K1 visa and then we moved out of my Fiance's parents house to an apartment after the wedding. The address indicated in K-1 (I-129F) petition is his parent's house. Do I need to change address online before AOS application?