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  1. Hi, have you got an interview date yet?

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    2. Gj & Cathy

      Gj & Cathy

      It won't be long...

    3. aeb1142


      I hope so!! Crossing our fingers for an interview by January. 

    4. Gj & Cathy

      Gj & Cathy

      I'm still waiting for interview date too ....this wait is dragging too long

  2. hi everyone - our I-130 petition has finally been approved. Nebraska Service Center NOA1 2/09 NOA2 10/2 Visa Journey estimate 9/18 - 10/02
  3. We did some research for this and actually found that Australia Post had good international freight rates compared to other private companies (DHL, etc.) since we aren't planning to ship large items like furniture. Some international shipping companies will require that you meet a minimum weight amount before you can actually use their services. You can calculate international freight shipping on the Australia Post site here: https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/calculate-postage-delivery-times/#/. Alternatively, it may be cheaper to just pay for extra baggage on your flight if you are only taking a few additional suitcases. If anyone else has any other recommendations we'd be interested to hear as well!