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  1. Just checked online, case status hasn't been updated online so I'll get hubby to call. Case was approved 31/12/18 so it's been two weeks
  2. Did they update the case status online for you? Mine is still the same. Also I wanted to check if the NVC has received my case, when do u think that's appropriate to do so. I am aware being assigned a case number can take up to 8 weeks, but I just want to to know if the NVC have received the case.
  3. Thanks Josie. Definitely patience is the key. Okay makes sense. But just wondering should we call after 3 weeks to confirm if the NVC has received the case from USCIS? We also wanted to update an email address, could that be done prior receiving a case number?
  4. Okay cool. Thanks 😊. How many weeks should I give it after the approval before calling?
  5. Congrats! Just saw your profile and saw that you're a fellow Aussie. Just wondering if you contacted the NVC to confirm if they received the case after the approval or did you receive a letter? I'm still trying to get my head around the process. Cheers!
  6. Yeah please do let me know if a forum is created. Thanks
  7. Congratulations!!!!!! I'm so happy for you. I relief doesn't put into words once u get ur approval.
  8. Hi Shanika, I am the beneficiary, my husband is the petitioner. For the DS-260 I am assuming I have to fill them out?
  9. Thank you! Hoping for a speedy process for you and everyone waiting 😊😊😊
  10. I got my APPROVAL!!!!!!!! Thank God!!! My husband just showed me via text. It seems they're coming through the mail. We've received them through the mail.
  11. Really Muna? May I ask what is your priority date?
  12. I hope we are able to get some news soon and be with our families at least by mid next year. We'll get there!