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  1. Yes, we received them this morning and also received an email stating they were sent on Friday. All the best for tomorrow x
  2. Each applicant has their own affidavit form, so that's separate and for my son I added only an extra copy my husband's passport. I did carry spare copies of irs transcript from my husband but they weren't needed.
  3. I'm from Melbourne, so I didn't really bring in a lot. But I actually saw some couples bringing in bags, snacks for their kids, even a pram so I don't think it'd be an issue. I'd definitely at the very least take a change bag and some snacks, worst case scenario they'll put it in their lockers.
  4. 1) I took my phone with me, however was asked to turn it off immediately before entering security. They store it in a locker, along with other items you my have and give you a card for collection once you're finished with your interview. 2) Yes I did, I did have a separate document list for my son and I. Once you enter the first door there's a lady at the front that goes through your paper work and places them into a plastic folder. She did it separately for and my baby. 3) How did you and your husband meet? They asked me why I didn't have a birth certificate, I explained my reasons. How long have I been in Australia? Is the child with you, you and your husbands? What my husband does for work? Lol my interview was made more interesting with my two year old having a tantrum right then, but it was pretty straight forward. I would definitely suggest coming early, it seemed like the interview was going in order of the tickets not by appointment time. I went in about 9.40, my appointment time was at 10. And finished by 11:50. All the best for your interview! Just wondering are you from Sydney or are you flying out for your interview from another state?
  5. Congratulations, I'm from Australia as well. Just did my interview on Tuesday and was thankfully approved. Waiting for our passports to be sent to us. All the best for everyone in this journey.
  6. Just received the IL CC- 24 July IL- 19 Aug. I received the IL via email, just wondering if I am supposed to see any form of update on the CEAC website at the moment?
  7. Thanks. My husband spoke to someone this morning and they said your case is closed and you're waiting for an interview. That was a relief.
  8. Would anyone be able to provide me with some information? We got CC 24 July and are hoping to receive IL, as the NVC email mentioned they'll contact us with the interview letter. When were uploading documents we weren't able to upload all of documents for joint sponsor. However after CC we've been asked to upload the documents, just wondering if we're out of the waiting list for interview and back on the processing of documents again?
  9. So I received CC on 24 July. I had a joint sponsor and we couldn't upload their documents because it kept saying N/A. We assumed they'd ask for it at the interview so we were planning to take it in then. However today the NVC send a message that the request for joint sponsor has been approved and the tab that said N/A now says incomplete. I'll upload the documents by tonight however has anyone experienced this after CC?
  10. There seems to be a nice flow in their timing. Hope it stays consistent Thank you! Wishing you the same.
  11. Lol no I'm aware a lot of people have been waiting for ages, praying for them. But yeah I was just comparing mine to those from Australia as well. I hope so. I'm pregnant, 21 weeks. Even though I know I've got time, but you never know with this process to be honest. All the best to everyone waiting
  12. Hi Sara, Mine says the same thing and I got CC 24th July. My embassy is Sydney Australia. How soon are they supposed to send off the documents
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