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  1. Congrats! Ours is March 12th, so we’re right behind ya
  2. Nope... still waiting. I might call midweek if we still don’t have it as we recently moved and I had already filed a change of address form with USCIS but who knows what the lag time on them actually updating the info might be.
  3. Yay! We’re also in the DC office and got an email this morning notifying us that our interview was scheduled. Can’t wait to get the date in the mail!!
  4. Good day on the immigration front! My hubby’s approval notices for EAD and AP arrived in the mail earlier. Then, just now, we got an email from USCIS — the combo card has been picked up and is scheduled for delivery on Thursday!
  5. EAD shows New Card is Being Produced..... finally!!! We’re so excited 😁
  6. Day 200 since our last update. Still no EAD or AP. Two case inquiries filed -- one this week and one about a month ago... neither of which have been responded to. Sigh. Remember when USCIS got rid of the legal requirement to adjudicate EAD cases in under 90 days but promised it would still do so in the large majority of cases? About that...
  7. We’ve had no issues with completing the K1 processing and beginning AOS, apart from the very slow processing times that are currently being faced by all couples.
  8. Very easily. My hubby has been waiting six months and counting without so much as a peep from USCIS. It's pretty damn demoralizing.
  9. We're in the same boat, other than a 'case ready to be scheduled for interview' status change for the I485 back in mid August. Still no interview date or EAD/AP approval.
  10. Day 176... will this be the week for EAD? My husband has a pending job offer... do you guys think it would be a good idea to request an expedited approval based on this, or would it be more likely to mess something up/set us back at this stage?
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