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  1. Aziz&astoria

    Visa chances

    A visitor visa will almost always be denied to the usa. It's hard to get a visa here unless it's a reason (student,marraige,work, family). My fiance and i just went through the k1 visa as well and were approved. As everyone mentioned, if you have a strong case then you will be fine, if you need any help just messgae us. We are more than happy to help. My fiance and i dated less than 1 year and we also met online (instagram), but we also have no red flags and have plenty proof of our genuine relationship. Wish you the best of luck.
  2. Aziz&astoria

    how to do K1 in Morocco

    @uxvzaWhy was your previous k1 denied? Cr1 seems like the best route for you at this point.
  3. Thank you need more practice to get prepared
  4. I got email from consulate they scheduled my interview in 1 Jun 2018 . I'm so excited and happy .I'm preparing and got all papers I wish to help us to know questions of interview
  5. @hq990 thanks! Ours came at 10:30 at night so, yours should be coming soon.
  6. Congrats
  7. Our case is In Transit Received our case number on April 25 Left NVC April 30 Embassy in Morocco
  8. We received our case number today. Whoot whoot!!! NoA2 4/5/2018 NOA2 HARD COPY dated 4/04/2018 NVC RECEIVED 4/25/2018 CASE #RECEVIED 4/26/2018 Casablanca, Morocco is our embassy
  9. Aziz&astoria

    We can send proof to NVC visa k1?

    Thanks I got it
  10. We can send more proof to NVC after we got approval in USCIS or we just wait process
  11. Hi dear friends we just got approval today ,😄😄😄 thank you for all
  12. Noa2 make us annoying . They received our case in 3 October 2017 I hope it take so fast
  13. Lol I have same date I'm still waiting I hope we re next soon 🤗🤗
  14. I don't understand what u mean