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  1. Thank you for this, it makes sense. In theory the I-485 will carry on in the mean time, it should just be the I-765 that is paused now?
  2. Hi everyone, I have seen a couple of old posts about this, I was wondering if I could get some more up to date information. I had my biometrics appointment yesterday, the case type on the notice was the I-485. Today I have received another biometrics appointment, this time for the I-765. As far as I was aware, I only needed to do my biometrics once? The only thing I can think of is initially I submitted the I-485 on its own, and then a week later I submitted the EAD and AP documents (With the Notice of action from the I-485). Has anybody been able to call them to tell them that you have already completed their biometrics? Thank you all.
  3. All I can see in reference to that is the following: Is this what you were referring to? If not, I am not following I see the edit now, thank you, I will read them fully now
  4. I have just done some research. I don't know how we overlooked that. We just saw the filling fees and that is what meant we had to wait on this... I feel so silly...
  5. Thank you Wuozopo. We were under the impression that EAD was an extra $485 (https://www.uscis.gov/i-765) and extra for the AP as well? Have we missed something here?
  6. Hi, I have read multiple conflicting things on here, so I was just seeing if anybody could offer some help or direct me to another post. I have received my AOS I-797C (NOA1) today, and I have been wondering if I would be able to use it to get a drivers license in Florida? I know that this is state dependent, so I am just wondering if anyone has had experience with Florida? I am going to go to the DMV tomorrow to discuss this, but I was just wondering in advance? Thank you!
  7. Also, is it possible to apply for EAD after sending in the AOS package? We did not send it in at the same time due to circumstances, but we were just wondering if this is possible?
  8. Hi, I have a few questions that I have not been able to find a direct answer to. I have received my NOA1 today, and it says that it is from the National Benefits Center, Lee's Summit, MO. I understand that this is normal, and that they process the application until it is ready for an interview where they will transfer it to my local field office (Orlando). I can see that here, Orlando has one of the highest processing times, at 365 Avg. Total Days to Interview. What I am confused about is why is this so much longer than a lot of the other field offices when the National Benefits Center is the one that does all of the processing? I also read that some states will accept the NOA1 as proof of residence to allow you to get your driving license, does anybody know what Florida's stance on this is? I am sorry if this is confusing! Thanks!
  9. Hi all! The big day is coming up soon and we are preparing the I-864 and I had a question. When we did the I-134 Affidavit of Support for the K1 visa, it was filled out by my Fiances mother as she was in her final part of University/College. I understand that when applying for the I-864, my fiance has to be the primary sponsor and you file a co-sponsor by filing for I-864A as well if needed. However, here is my question: My fiance starts her job August 5th where she will meet the guidelines, but I was just wondering if we will still need a co-sponsor as she has only just started working? Or would a letter from the employer stating her salary, etc be sufficient? We wont be submitting the AOS and Affidavit of Support until just after she starts working. Thank you all!
  10. I have had my interview since I posted this, and all they asked me for was a letter of employment. I brought tons of other evidence too, tax returns, W2s, payslips, bank statements, etc. but all they asked for was a letter on employment showing the salary, position, etc.
  11. Mine went into Administrative Processing the day after my interview, and then about a day and a half later, it went to issued. It was then dispatched the next day! Hope this helps
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