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  1. That's fantastic news!!! Congratulations!! Really happy for you! ooh, I shall be checking mine religiously now haha!
  2. ahh hello! Yes, me too! Anxiously waiting EAD/AP... Orlando seems to be a slower office. I was hopeful it would be speedy like a few I have seen, but no such luck!! I am NOA1:10/28 BIO 11/20 Ready to be scheduled an interview 12/23 come on Orlando!! Haha
  3. Thank you so much for your help!! You're right, definitely confusing haha, it's a comfort to know I'm not the only one who thinks so! Ok, we shall apply for the extension and hopefully I can ask Sir Google if he has any insight! Good Luck and I hope your case moves safe, swift and smoothly!
  4. Hello, I was just wondering what we are required to do regarding taxes. My husband wants to get his taxes filed asap so he can keep on top of it, but we're stuck as I don't have a TAX ID or SSN yet and we don't know when I will (Orlando office seems a slow mover) So I just wondered what the process is for our situation? From what I understood there's nothing we can do but wait to get my numbers... but maybe I'm wrong? Just wanted to double check with this community as we're all in the same boat and have the same issues! Congrats to all who have had the interview and good luck to the rest waiting!
  5. Hello! Wondering if there's any others from Orlando waiting on their AOS. With other offices getting done so quickly I thought we could all commiserate together October Filer
  6. I’m not entirely sure to be honest, just came through the app tracker, just had another update saying now there’s an unplanned one, I’ll attach the photo 😃
  7. It's under a planned maintenance, I got a notification to my phone about it. Can't remember the time length it said it would be down for, but it wasn't too long! Should be back by the end of today/tomorrow morning
  8. IMHO, it’s a bit tight to have the interview on the 5th and in the states and married by the 14th. It took 5 working days (a week calendar days) to get my passport back with the visa, so you can’t even book the flight until you have the passport in your hand realistically! Unfortunately when you enter the K-1 visa he must be prepared to forgo everything else, as hard as that is, to concentrate on starting his new life. It sucks i know! I’ve missed my sisters wedding and the birth of my nephew, it was hard and still is, but it’s the choice I made and everyone understood it’s just the way this visa works. he may be having a slight panic and trying to make everything fit. I understand Cos I was the same way! Looking back, it would have been easier on me and my partner to prioritize us and the process and just accept somethings And just rolled with it. It’s kind of out of your hands a bit! good luck I hope for you he gets his AP quick and can do it all! But I would definitely not make any wedding plans until his flight is booked! I stand with you, better to err on the side of caution than act on stress!! It’s tough! Hang in there! Xx
  9. Hey, I may be being thick but this has confused me.. so my understanding was if you plan to marry and move to the USA you cannot do it on an ESTA because that would appear fraudulent and not what the tourist visa is used for, essentially you lied to the CBP and broke the legal terms and conditions of your visa as you intended to stay in the US and not really visit for tourism purposes with the intent to leave again. So I'm confused ... are people saying you can come on a tourist visa and then just get married, never leave and adjust your status? I may be being completely dumb and not understanding correctly haha. I'm just thinking if that's the case what's the point in a K1 visa.. could have saved myself a lot of time and money haha!! Just very curious 😂
  10. Haha deffo! Looks like it should work! Wish I knew this at the time, could have used him coming over for it and taking some of my stuff back with him 😂 Good luck, you'll be great!!
  11. Oh that's awesome then! I saw people leaving their partners outside at the check in bit. That's even better for you guys then haha forget what I said
  12. Unfortunately he won't be able to come in with you, he will have to wait outside but there's places to sit and have a coffee! Think mine only took 45 mins to an hour- if that! And it was mostly just spent waiting to be called to the window. Good Luck!! x **misread what you mean't. Haha how many slots were open 😂 my bad. Good luck all the same!
  13. I concur, been here a few months bored stiffless haha. But it's a great opportunity to look into and research something you always wanted to do- even if it's just a hobby! I'm doing this now looking at voice over so learning to edit etc.You sound into tech/gaming so it's a good opportunity for you to build a following surrounding your gaming? I also volunteer at a cat shelter once a week and we have joined a wine club for a monthly social that doesn't blow the budget with only one person working haha- another fun cheap date night thing to do I've found is look around for weekly free/cheap line dancing classes at a local bar, sounds weird but lots of places have them for maybe $5 pp and it's just a bit of a laugh dancing with your partner and have a beer in the week- and if you stay after there are some fantastic dancers who come to dance for fun!! I've found it's good idea to get into a routine also otherwise you can get into some funks haha. Simple ones like at 1pm I do a mini work out, on Mondays I deep clean the house. Another one is I got a kitten and have been teaching him tricks- this takes up a lot of time and is fun!! He can sit and high five! That's if you're into animals haha. A lot of word vomit there sorry- Let us know how you get on, and have a wonderful wedding! x
  14. I did the same, just sent photocopies and everything seems ok! Also just waiting for my Biometrics letter and then I can enjoy the last few months of sitting home with my cat before I'm back in the real world haha. Good luck all! 🥳
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