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  1. please can someone merge the different December AOS threads?
  2. Sent mine on Friday no text or anything yet...fingers crossed for a speedy process!
  3. Welcome to the wait! Looks like we're just a few days apart at the same USCIS office, so it'll be good to compare Have you been to all the Smithsonian museums yet? They're all incredible and free!
  4. Doesn't this topic belong in progress reports sub-forum? I'm so confused because there are several different december AOS threads...
  5. ok I found the blurb in the instructions where it says to include any previous EAD so I'm just gonna do it
  6. ITMFA


    update: emailed Dr. Cheema's office and they sent me a copy because they didn't include it when I picked up the paperwork
  7. I read somewhere that you need to include old EADs when applying for a new one, but does that count even if I'm now doing AOS from a K-1? I was an F-1 student for 8 years then had OPT, but went home to Canada for more than a year before applying for my K-1. Thanks!
  8. ITMFA


    Hi friends - I'm getting set to send in my full AOS package including AP and EAD this weekend, and I keep seeing conflicting info about the medical stuff. I didn't get a DS3025 from Dr. Cheema in Surrey, and I'm pretty sure the officer at the border sent all my medical stuff back to USCIS, so I don't need to include ANY medical forms. Is that correct? I had my medical back in September just before my K1 was approved. Thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone, Finishing my final check of what evidence to include in my AOS package, and discovered conflicting information on the USCIS instructions for form i-864. In the instructions section it reads: "You must provide either an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) transcript or a photocopy from your own records of your Federal individual income tax return for the most recent tax year." Great! We printed out my husband's 2017 tax transcript that he used in the K-1 affidavit of support. But THEN at the bottom of the document, in the checklist section, it reads: "A copy of your individual Federal income tax return, including W-2s for the most recent tax year, or a statement and/or evidence describing why you were not required to file. Also include a copy of each and every Form 1099, Schedule, and any other evidence of reported income. So which is it? I wish they would be consistent...
  10. Hi! We just got married today, and I have a bunch of photocopying to do, but we'll hopefully send the package by the end of this week. Quick question: Do I really need to submit duplicate copies of things for the other applications that require the same? For example, 3 copies of our marriage certificate - one each for the 1-485, the travel doc, AND the advance parole forms? I'm guessing yes...🙄
  11. bump! I also find this question very strange...am I supposed to tell them i'm in the musician's union?
  12. Just finishing up my i485 in advance of getting married next week, and my only remaining question is about part 8 #14: Have you ever been denied entry into the United States. I wasn't denied entry, but I had my "application for entry withdrawn" due to confusion at the border more than a year ago. This was before my fiancé filed the petition, and everything has gone smoothly. I'm 99% sure it doesn't count as a denied entry, but would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  13. Hi - I'm getting married in a few weeks and trying to prepare as much of this packet as possible before that, so this post is really helpful! Quick question - do we really need to send so many duplicate documents? I'm guessing yes but just want to check before I make 3 copies of my passport photo page and K-1 page and I-94 AND 3 separate e-notification forms! Thanks
  14. I showed up when the consulate opened (7:30) even though my appointment wasn't until 9am. They let me in and gave me a number, so they don't seem to care if you show up super early. You should go at 7:30 and then you'll be done even sooner! Good luck
  15. ITMFA

    Dr Cheema review

    Dr. Cheema was AMAZING. So kind, chill, hilarious, and really made the medical portion a breeze. Efficient office, and the best Indian food in BC down the road from the lab.