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  1. Your lawyer is probably worried that on the blogs and forums you'll see all the stories of people who regret using a lawyer...That aside, there are plenty of people on here whose texts and receipts take a while to come through. I'm sure you'll get yours soon.
  2. My receipt date is the same as yours! I'm a professional musician so I'm spending a lot of time practicing (as usual), and also cooking a lot more than usual...I got a bike and am enjoying having the freedom to get around the city (we don't have a car). I'm also teaching at a local English school that is entirely run by volunteers. That's fun because all of my students are in the middle of some kind of immigration process themselves! Look for opportunities to get out of the house and meet people other than your spouse so you two don't drive each other too crazy And then enjoy spending time together too! The time will pass soon enough...
  3. Yup mine hasn't changed since December 13th even though I had biometrics on Dec. 26th...
  4. Looks like you're in San Fran where there is a huge problem with homelessness. I'm sure it would be very easy to find volunteer work helping people who are in need of food, shelter, and generosity!
  5. Got mine Dec. 26th and my case statuses are all the same as yours. I'm just trying to check once a day and chill about it because it's out of our hands!
  6. You're fine - I had mine Dec. 26th and nothing has updated...the online system is notoriously bad for these mid-process updates. Just gotta wait in the dark like everyone else
  7. wow that was fast! I'm waiting for my case status to change...also did biometrics on the 26th
  8. They're open because USCIS is funded by our application fees. I had my biometrics appointment yesterday and everything is working as usual.
  9. Good point! They only needed my letter and my passport as I didn't change my name
  10. Walked into a NYC area center to get my biometrics done this morning. My appointment was supposed to be next Monday in Virginia but this was convenient as we were here visiting family. Initially it was very busy, but the officer was very nice and said to try returning after lunch. I went back at 1pm and spent a total of 20 mins there. Got my photo taken and fingerprints, and now it's time to wait some more.... Overall a good experience with the "walk-in."
  11. Received biometrics appointment letter today for December 31st! That was quick Might try a walk-in as we're traveling for the holidays and my local center is kinda hard to get to.
  12. Got paper notices in the mail today! Excited to finally be able to get a Virgina driver's license this week
  13. How's the wait going for you all? I filed my AOS package at the beginning of the month and am still waiting for my paper NOA so I have a long way to go Living in Arlington so I'm assuming I'll be assigned to the Fairfax office.
  14. Ours was received the 10th and I got texts around 11pm last night. I'm sure you'll get yours soon
  15. Received text notifications late last night. We mailed the package last Friday (12/07) and they got it on Monday (12/10). Time to bookmark the USCIS case status page again...🙄