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  1. I was actually going to message you and ask if yours had updated! Interesting... I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, hoping our office doesn’t have toooooo long a wait for interviews (wishful thinking) 😂
  2. I had mine Jan 9 and it hasn’t changed either, I guess it’s all dependent on your local offices officiency 🤷🏼‍♀️
  3. I was having the same issue too with my husbands bank. Chase bank allows you to open one without a social security you’ll just need to visit a branch with ID
  4. Social security card arrived today! Sending good vibes to all of those that are still patiently waiting. Hope they arrive soon ❤️
  5. Biometrics done today too, was the only person there lol, in and out in under 10 minutes. 🥳
  6. Aahh I hope this happens for me too! Fingers crossed!
  7. So all this talk on SSNs taking forever prompted me to call my local office this morning see what was up. I applied for my SSN after being in the country for 3 and a half weeks, and it’s been another 4 weeks since I applied. My save case check has also showing “sent back to agency” for weeks now. The lady that answered my call today asked for my reference number and then just said - I’ll go ahead and issue the card you’ll have it in two weeks” - low key don’t believe it’s that simple 😂 I’ll keep you all posted if it arrives 😂
  8. Happy New Year! We also got our biometrics letter yesterday and appointment is for the 9th Jan 🎊🎉
  9. Received our hard copy NOA1’s in the mail! Next stop biometrics appointment 🎉
  10. They actually text my husband.. which is weird because my number was on the forms and I’m the foreigner lol so I’m not sure why he got the texts but it looked like this Oh I know the feeling I couldn’t understand why it was taking so long but it seems pretty standard yours snould come any day now ☺️
  11. I also sent mine via UPS to the Dearborn street address on the 12/10 and it was received on the 12/12 and only we received the texts yesterday, so there’s a possibility you’ll get yours tonight ☺️ We didn’t receive any sort of electronic notification either and also thought sending it via UPS or FEDEX may be quicker but it seems it’s much of a muchbess if not a little slower. Hang in there! Hope you get those text notifications tonight!
  12. Happy Holidays!! Glad and to see 2 more people with a similar timeline! 🥰
  13. We received our texts last night also! Packet mailed on 12/10 Received on 12/12 Check cashed 12/17 Hopefully it’s a smooth run for all us Dec filers ❤️
  14. We mailed ours on the 10th too! Hoping we get the texts soon 🙏🏻
  15. How exciting!! Fingers crossed! Glad to have someone filing through the same office