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  1. How do you know when they received your medical? And when was your medical apt? Our medical was June 27th and interview was last Friday, approved pending medical results. Not sure when they will receive it.
  2. InLoveWithABrit

    Scheduling CR1 interview

    Ok, thank you!
  3. InLoveWithABrit

    Scheduling CR1 interview

    Oh no! I selected the "I have received a letter from the consular section with instructions to schedule an immigrant visa appointment" and it directed me to pay. Do you think they will make us come back for another interview if I scheduled the wrong one?
  4. InLoveWithABrit

    Scheduling CR1 interview

    Also, did you pay the $265 fee when you scheduled the interview? I have been looking online and I think the fee for CR1 is $325, so wondering if we pay the difference at the interview or how that works.
  5. InLoveWithABrit

    Scheduling CR1 interview

    I was told by the embassy (I sent them an email) that we bring all the civil docs etc to the interview and do not need to upload them. Did you fill out DS-260 online? We filled it out and will bring the confirmation page but I also wonder because the case was sent to London before we filled it out. Hopefully that's not an issue either.
  6. InLoveWithABrit

    Scheduling CR1 interview

    I was worried too, but there isn't really another option. I guess we'll find out for sure soon lol.
  7. InLoveWithABrit

    Scheduling CR1 interview

    Our case was expedited too, we just selected the "I have received a letter..." and scheduled it. Our interview is for July 6th! Just a day after yours! After looking at your timeline it looks like we followed a similar timeline! Good luck to you!
  8. Hi I came across one of your comments regarding expedite in London. Our I-130 was expedited at the NVC level and sent directly to London Embassy, the CEAC says "ready" as of 5/23. We haven't received any instructions yet on how to schedule interview. I have emailed them but I got a blanket response saying that NVC handles all approved petitions including scheduling of interview. Obviously that isn't the case if it is expedited, I responded back to the email and have even sent a subsequent one explaining again that it was expedited. I am wondering if you have any knowledge on how London handles the expedited cases and how to get an interview scheduled? I appreciate your help. Thanks!

  9. Our spousal I-130 was approved for expedite at the NVC on 5/16 and sent directly to the London embassy. My question is how to proceed next. London is CEAC, I was able to fill out DS-260 online and it asks me to submit civil documents etc, however I thought that London was going to handle all that at the interview. I emailed the embassy and they replied with a generic response that NVC handles approved I-130 petitions and also schedules the interviews, NVC told me that they are no longer involved. I wrote back to London Embassy and explained, again, that our case was expedited and sent directly to them. I am wondering how do I get interview scheduled and do I continue to upload all documents to the CEAC website? Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Hi, I actually requested an expedite based on medical issues and it was approved, they have sent our file directly to the London embassy and we are awaiting an interview date now. Hopefully NVC speeds up and you get your case number quick!
  11. Has anyone done an expedite with London embassy? I submitted our expedite request on Friday and got a response Monday that it is being reviewed, but wondering how things will play out if it get approved.
  12. Case was sent to NVC on 5/4, am waiting patiently for NVC to actually receive our case so I can request an expedite. How long does NVC usually take to receive your file after status online actually gets sent?
  13. Case approved 4/20/18!! PD 9/29 TSC. How long did it take for NVC to receive your case? I called today but they haven't received it yet. They said it could take up to 6 weeks to just receive it!
  14. 9/29/2017 PD TSC Approved on 4/20/18! Received notice in email that action had been taken on my case in the new USCIS website. Logged in and says case approved! Now on to NVC!!!!
  15. I just noticed that in the packet of the I-130 my lawyer submitted for us, my divorce decree from my previous marriage is missing the back page where it has the certified copy stamp. The first page says "Certified copy" but the stamp on the back is missing. I am wondering if I should sent a complete copy of this or what to see if they notice and get a RFE? My PD is 9/29 TSC, we had an expedite approval on 2/15 but at my last service request they said they were performing additional review and would hear a response back in 60 days, we are halfway through those 60 days. What do you guys think?