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  1. Hey Guys, how many are we here in VJ waiting for IL in Riyadh? My DQ date is July 21.
  2. I think they didnt give any new interviews yet. i thought they are done giving for May DQ.
  3. Hello. are you done with your visa journey? I am also in the same case. now just waiting for interview appointment
  4. still a long way to go.. some IR1/CR1 waiting for IL for DQ in June2020
  5. Hi- what is your visa category? I think Riyadh is giving interviews last month for those who were dq in april & May. For dq in June2020 onwards, still waiting for IL.
  6. Yes hoping they can speed up giving interviews.. My DQ is July21 and still my case at nvc.
  7. Hello Everyone, is there anyone here from the group who received IL? Thanks.
  8. Anyone here DQ in May 2020 got IL? I heard Riyadh Embassy is giving for April.
  9. Thank you.. I am not also choosy for any jobs whether in retail/store as long as I have source of income in order to survive.
  10. Thank you. yes as long it is not below the minimum wage that would be fine at least not jobless. Moving in US as new immigrant will be more challenging especially at my case that im a widow.. still completing my immigration process.. I just want to be ready and getting some information about searching for jobs.
  11. I finished business course then I got a chance work abroad for 8yrs. do u mean there is no chance i can work on the same field? although I am open for any work even not related to my current job if there is opportunities.
  12. Hey everyone. I am working in Saudi Arabia for 8yrs in accounting dept particularly in accounts payable. Ive also worked before in my home country in BPO Industry in the same field. It will be tough for sure applying for the same jobs in the U.S. FYI- I am not a CPA. Anyone here got jobs particularly in accounts payable? how was your experience?. TIA
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