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  1. Have you thought about how you wil get your medication once you get to US? Will you have medical insurance when you get to US? How long would you have to wait to be on insurance? Do you have money to buy medication (and doctor's visit to get perscription)? How much medication can you get in UK to bring with you? Just other things to think about if you haven't.
  2. Child does not need a SSN before age 8 after age 8 it is required to claim on 1040. Like you were are in no real hurry, we have made planned for NLT 59 Day. Maybe sooner if we feel like it or desire too.
  3. When I paid DS-160 Fee it took a couple of days for the Schedling Interview to open . 1.) I had no problem at all schedeling our Apt for Feb-26-2019, I had 10 or 12 different dates to choose from. When I slected it showed 30 sec later in USTravelDocs. The funny think with that at first look many apts, I called her and said what date is best, it took her 5 min to decide. It had timed out and when I went back in they were all gone but one in 3 days which I was still in US. I called her back and said they were all gone and give me a date which anytime after you can make work. She did, when I went back in the 3rd time all the 10-12 sates were back in. 2.) See also had no problem getting her medical Apt. She said, MOM said only need 1-2 days before interview. I said let's give it more time than that just in case there is a problem which she scheduled for 19-Feb-2019 All is good, today we received tracking number from Embassy by email. So will pick up Mon or Tue at Pony Express. We selected Office Near our Hotel. Best to all!!!!!
  4. It is sad to hear your news. I would think that to have make it this journey you are a strong person. Seek support from friends & family. And then there are the things that need to be done.
  5. Ram1009, After 25 responses (I did not count the one that <Asked everyone to lighten up> you did not receive ant answer to your original question. Even I failed to give you a proper answerer which now I wished I had **Note to Self; Please try and remember to try and answer the question. If I can’t add anything constructive say nothing!! Ram1009, thanks for providing this opportunity to look at myself.
  6. I would think the provide a 1099 for what the pay you?
  7. I wonder if it may very for each embassy, I was required; Past two years of 1040's all supporting Doc's Past two month from all bank checking, saving's MMF and so forth I took to interview and the were fine with that
  8. What a wonderful message of kindmess & support. If you want to why not.
  9. Da, it is wonderful we had met (Women or Man) and fell in Love, that is the easy part. Now our it is important to show our loved one every day that we are worthy of the love they have given. I do not say it is a task, but a way of being.
  10. Gentlemen, we are so very fortunate to have met our wonderful Russian women.
  11. I would not be so fast to say yes, they are married. IMO is not a legal option or binding. So perhaps Not. Maybe the question is, in Guinea under their law is this in fact a official marriage. If Yes, there is your answer. You could go to that Department that regulates & issues marriage licenses and ask or better check online to see or call. Then you have your answerer. I do not believe you will Ever find anyone here say anything different than Always Be Truthful is the Answer.
  12. Best wishes to you both

  13. As noted above, this is the harsh reality. Impossible No, a very hard task and be ready for the task at hand. I am currently in Moscow for K1 Visa interview. A friend of mine who is Russian (Mater in Software Engineering is married to Vietnamese women with BA living in Saigon. He has desire to live in US, better opportunity, for family, child (when child was born, they were not allowed to give child name the wanted, it had to be a Vietnamese name format with only approved name). Her mother lives in US and soon his mother will live in US be close to family. So many reasons for desire to move). They have been staying in my house for about a month now looking for work. Prior to coming applied for many jobs, had call with job offers. Even CV said he lives in Vietnam thy thought he lived in US and when they found out he didn’t removed offer. While here same, but said they don’t offer visa support. So not having much luck. I told him to fly into Mexico run across the border and it wouldn’t be a problem to get a job (for you folks in Rio Linda or without a sense of humor LOL (the purist sign there is no intelligence life on Earth)
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