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  1. Mekulisch


    The co-sponsor has to complete a separate I-134, so all supporting documents are unique to that I-134. Therefore, the co-sponsor must have separate supporting documents.
  2. If you make a mistake on the D-160 can you simply file a new one and use that new confirmation code?
  3. Mekulisch

    What after pay fee

    Hello, Moscow embassy question: in attempting to pay the $265 visa fee online for my fiancé, I assumed that she was the “applicant” but, then the site automatically put her name for the credit card information so, can someone walk me through this so I don’t lose my $265 if I make a mistake?
  4. Frustrating, ain’t it? We waited 204-207 days before NOA2...all the while watching approvals in the 140-180 day range. We missed the 1st NVC mailing by “that much!” Go to the “unlucky 200 day” thread to feel how helpless things could be. I’m not getting on your case...I was (am) sad and angry and frustrated and used this forum to vent. I think, mostly, that your fellow visa applicants understand.
  5. I hope you are right. We received our case # on February 1st and it didn’t make it out on the February 5th embassy shipment. So, we are hoping for the 19th.
  6. They continue to work through the day. I received the case # at @ 8 pm est on a Friday night. The person I spoke with said that if I’d called 10 prior I would have been told that the case # hadn’t been assigned.
  7. Mekulisch

    NOA2 Approved, what next?

    Give it 2-3 weeks to get to the NVC. Then you can start calling to get you case #
  8. May I please have the link for the P3 for Moscow? Thank you in advance
  9. The 1st post on this thread gives 2 telephone numbers for the NVC
  10. Our NOA2 was 1/15 and it took 18 days to get a # assigned. I called prior to that date and each time was told that the file had not been received.
  11. We are right behind you! Our NOA2 was January 15th, got our case # on February 1...but, just missed this last embassy mailing 😔
  12. We have not. Our # was assigned on February 1st
  13. It’ll come soon, according to averages. That’s no consolation 🤨
  14. In the opening post on this thread, the master tells us that you can use either one. I have called both. The first one listed is who happened to give me information that I wanted. Just my experience 😉