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  1. That sounds encouraging! I have been waiting since March - when they canceled my interview for April. Fingers crossed!
  2. I got mine late May, too. I am thinking late November should be ok to renew. This is what I am planning to do at least. All the best of luck to you, guys.
  3. Congratulations!!!! If they furlough 75% of their workforce, it will take years for the rest of us to get GC. My interview in April was canceled and it has been 150 days of my status being rolled back to Ready to Schedule. At this point, I am just happy to have EAD and a driver's license.
  4. As far as I understand, if you have SSN and you file taxes jointly with your husband, you get your stimulus after you file your taxes.
  5. Hi! Same situation here. No idea when they are going to schedule my interview either. The first one was cancelled due to COVID. Right now everything is up in the air and my husband and I decided to wait and see. A family member agreed to co-sponsor, that will hopefully help. Hang in there! Tough times...
  6. My experience with SpanTran was great. It took them less than 10 days to evaluate my university degree. No issues at all. All communication via email.
  7. My SSN came almost a month after I got my EAD. I would wait a while longer.
  8. I did not send anything by mail. My first social security card was lost and I do not trust the mail anymore. Not with all of my IDs. I requested a social security card when I was filing my AOS package, because at that time I did not have it. And now it finally came. Just took almost a month. I called it a miracle, because I was not counting on it at all. Congratulations on your husband getting a job! Not easy nowadays. I am still struggling.
  9. This is interesting. My local social security office does everything by mail. I needed to change my name on my card, and I did not want to send all my IDs by mail. I did not feel comfortable doing that all. My new social security card arrived in the mail yesterday. I called the office shortly after I got my EAD, and asked them if my new card was being issued (I requested it when I was filing my AOS package). They said they did not see anything in the system. This is a miracle, I say
  10. Is your local SSA office open for in-person appointments? My office in Iowa is still closed and only accepting everything via snail mail.
  11. Thank you! We have a co-sponsor, but we are just generally concerned about our livelihood now. As far as I understand, he can file for unemployment claiming me as his dependent, and it will not be considered to be public charge. It is just depressing. We have no idea when either one of is going to find a job. I think there will be a backlog of 3 months of so, based on when they started canceling previously scheduled interviews. This is actually good for us right now. Hard times for everyone.
  12. I hear ya. I had some hope. My husband lost his job and consequently I lost my sponsor. So, I will have to address that when my interview is rescheduled. Whenever that is. Ah, well. At least I have my EAD and I am able to look for a job.
  13. Hello. Is this safe then for my husband (USC), who lost his job, to claim me as a dependent when applying for unemployment benefits? I have read the official source but it does not specifically address that. Thanks
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