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  1. I thought it's about 5 years (at least last time I checked for anything other than China and Philipines. We can have 2 pending I-130s per person?
  2. Not sure what OP is, but yes her husband is my father. We could not apply for him because he is still employed and has not retired yet. He will be joining once his employment is terminated.
  3. Yes, this is a complicated situation. I appreciate your suggiestions. I think I will have her apply for an I-131 and then we will see. She plans on moving in once all her children get their LPR. At this time, she cannot live in the states alone for medical and cultural purposes. I don't live in the states either to support her (Foreign Service). As to her child under 21, we were hoping he could make it first and then she can live with him until the other ones get their turn. He was born in July of 2003! Right now, according to the processing times of his I-130 which is currently sitting at California service center, his wait time is 2 years.
  4. Hello friends, My mom applied for her 3 children under her IR5 status. She is currently in the States and the three petitions are pending now. 1 of the three children is under 21, but will age out next year. I am assuming he is protected under "child protection Act" if petition is not approved before, correct? Also, my mom cannot stay in the US as she needs to be back with her kids and her husband who is currently still working. What is the best option for her to avoid her residency abandobnment? I was thinking about submitting an application for re-entry permit (I-131). Thoughts on this? In the event that her residency was abandoned, will the petitions be dropped, or could the children still continue their immigration process? Thank you very much for any input.
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