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  1. @Lil bear I will make sure to memorize the process Thanks a lot @JeanneAdil Good to know about the expiration piece - Thanks a lot for everything.
  2. Interesting, but VERY helpful!!! Thank you. Is this something requested for the interview, or during the NVC process as an upload? According to the link you shared, they are listed as pre-interview. I'd like to time everything, so I am hoping to get a sense of when this is needed based on your experience. Thanks a lot!
  3. Just received an email from the NVC with case account information. My online status also changed to "Case Was Sent to The DoS"
  4. Going through a similar process and stumbled upon your response. Thank you for that. Though, I have a question; Do we really need two criminal records? Based on their requirement, it seems like the court record is only required if convicted of a crime. Otherwise, only the police record is required (which expires in 90 days). Thoughts on that? Thanks!
  5. Awesome! Thanks a lot for the info. Very helpful. How far are in the process now? I just wanted to get a sense of their processing time.
  6. Sounds good. Well, now their current case creation timeframe is Jan 31st which is not bad at all! I am guessing it only takes a few days before we receive a NVC case number! Did you get a chance to work on the required civil documents? I am not sure what they mean by that! Thanks for the follow up btw!
  7. Texas service center. Does the service center matters after approval?
  8. So, your case was approved Dec 15 and got a NVC profile on December 20? According to their website processing times, they are a few months behind! My mom's I-130 was approved today.
  9. Yeah, it is between 15 to 20 years wait time!!! Here is the link: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin/2022/visa-bulletin-for-january-2022.html
  10. Based on the DoS, they are processing applications submitted March 2007. You are within normal processing times, so you still got some years to go!
  11. What service center handles the case? Where does the brother live (country)?
  12. Just a quick update here that the case was approved today (From Texas Service Center). My online status changed to "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS", but in the documents tab, there is the approval notice. Very strange!!! Now the wait begins for the NVC and the US consulate. Please share your timing as you go through this so we can get a sense of how this goes from the DoS perspective. Thank you!
  13. Hey @zcorner19, I hope everything is well with you. How did everything go? What is the status of your journey?
  14. Alright, I hope I am next. I applied Feb 27th, so I should be sometime in the next 30 days. Thank you.
  15. That's great news, congratulations! May I ask what day you applied? I am also in TSC transferred from NSC!
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