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  1. Hey, welcome back. I remember you from 2 years ago in the AOS forum haha! Welcome to ROC
  2. I hope so. In general, N-400 is just around the corner (if you plan on doing so). By the time we get approvals, we start another wait! What a luck we have!
  3. Those who are LIN, I just checked USCIS processing times. It looks like there is a long wait for us!
  4. Those who are at Nebraska Service Center. Certainly not good news! between 1 year to 2 years! Gotta forget that I applied in the first place 😂😂
  5. I received the 18 months extension letter today in the mail. They also resent the reminder letter to remove the conditions that was send to my old address. I guess it was returned to them, but they sent it anyways along with the 18 months extension letter. Strange!!
  6. Your process is really fast. Glad to see it that way. Where was your case routed? Which service center?
  7. It seems like you progress is one day ahead of mine. My check just cleared today as well after I got the text yesterday! My package was also received one day after yours.
  8. GreenGem, were ever contacted about biometrics? Your signature states otherwise. My case was assigned to Nebraska Service Center and want to know if there is anything to expect other than what your timeline states. I also heard that people who get MSC get an interview, any comments? Your process really went fast compared to a big number of other people. Thank you.
  9. Just received a text that my case was received in the 7th and was assigned to LIN (Nebraska Service Center?) My check has not cleared yet.
  10. No need to be aggressive in your language tone. Relax friend! "adityaag" provided the perfect place for this topic. make sure you post your comment there for others!
  11. Check this guy's story in 2017: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g1-i10702-k8390149-o40-Airline_denies_boarding_on_US_flight_to_Permanent_Resident-Air_Travel.html
  12. Well, your passport falls under VWP assuming you are using a dutch passport (They don't need to check your green card or a visa to board the plane) and when you arrive to the US, the customs can verify your extension letter or the stamp because they know that stuff. Unlike the countries who are not part of the Visa Waver Program, they want to check your eligibility and they only see a physical card, so when you show an expired card along with that letter, they get confused and the problems start because they are not educated about it and they assume something is wrong. Again, this happened to someone I know and I personally asked airport custom agents and they confirmed it to me.
  13. Well, if it is expired, why would you use it for travels? It's expired which makes it worthless! It all depends on the airline agents and sometimes customs. It should be fine, but just do your research and ask questions!
  14. As mentioned in my reply, I speak only on behalf of my own experience and people I personalty know. look up this matter online in other places other than Vj. there are people who were refused boarding because they do not carry a physical card.
  15. I should be next mine was sent the 6th and delivered the 7th. Hopefully I hear from them soon. Did you send a check? If yes, has it cleared yet?
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