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  1. No update whatsoever! Day 114 fingerprints still added to the case
  2. Update: no update, day 114 fingerprints still added to EAD sigh (NewYork Filer)
  3. Yup! I received that same letter yesterday I think the USCIS just wanted to give everyone an update because most of us filers had “case was received” for the AP and “fingerprints were applied..” for the work permit when in fact both are just one card. So basically I think they want both updates to synchronize
  4. Hola just received an update two days ago case ready to be scheduled! Let’s go New York! I slipped in The other New York AOS 2018 thread and it seems like everyone If not most are completed with their interviews! And seem like they’re starting 2019
  5. Interview ready to be scheduled was updated two days ago! Check your status
  6. Filed: November 4th 2019 NOA1: November 25th 2019 BIOmetrics: December 18th 2019 RFIE: January 18th 2020 status changed to “receive RFIE responses on February 3rd 2020 EAD still says fingerprint received AP says Case was received Sigh (New York Filer) NO FURTHER UPDATE
  7. Double check your computer for the forms you filled out. I knew my RFIE was coming because i submitted this form.
  8. Had an RFIE for incorrect affidavit of support form. We ended up having to re submit supporting documents so we sent in the federal income tax return for 2018 but this time my husband submitted a version that only have 8 pages. The first time it had 132 pages. I’m mortified now because I don’t know what to expect. We got updated stating they received our response 10 days ago but no further update.
  9. We submitted 2018 Tax return and stated in the cover letter that we didn’t file as yet RFIE - (submitted the wrong affidavit of support form) Uscis responded to the evidence feb 3rd 2020
  10. Same submitted my response to RFIE on Thursday my status just changed to them receiving it today.
  11. My RFIE is similar I submitted the wrong affidavit of support. We sent in W2’s 2017,2018,2019 the recent tax income for 2018 because my husband didn’t file for 2019 yet along with Pay stubs, A copy of his passport page, birth certificate and a cover letter
  12. I submitted the wrong affidavit of support form (form I-134) that one was for the K1 VISA meanwhile in my cover letter and everything else I wrote form I-864 sigh but my husband (yes I’m blaming HIM!) lol had form I-134 on his laptop and we ended up using that without reading.
  13. You’re not alone I got my RFIE notification last Saturday and we still haven’t receive it in the mail I guess it takes time (meanwhile I know exactly what my RFIE is for ..I’m ready to just send in the evidence now without waiting for the mail). However, when you do get the mail and send back your evidence there’s a quick response from them.
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