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  1. Hello to all My husband and I are about to file our AOS package this Thursday and as it turns out we are being directed to the Brooklyn Field Office (as per the uscis website) 😐 it’s looking really really rough out there for the Brooklyn filers. I’ve seen other field offices approvals in 4-5 months for the GC (wow). Is there anything I should prepare myself for ? I skimmed through this topic, however I will take the time to read thoroughly. I primarily wanted to identify myself as another New York AOS filer
  2. I'm out here in Staten Island, NY and our field office apparently will be in Brooklyn, NY. I came onto this forum to give myself and my husband insight on a projected timeline. So far everyone's TL impressed us by how fast the approvals were given until I stumbled upon your post and saw brooklyn field office. I've seen several posts on other websites that mentioned the Brooklyn field office approval timeline and it was not really positive. However, hang in there! You're wayyyyyyyy further than me I wish you nothing but positivity this week and would like to see updates from you
  3. Hola to all! my husband and I REALLY!!! enjoyed our mini break away from all the dramatic paperwork. Back to reality, I noticed the form I-944 is on hold so we prepared all of our AOS paperwork yesterday and will submit everything on Thursday. Wish all the best to everyone.
  4. Update: Our interview was scheduled for tomorrow as it turns out it was cancelled due to the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian on the other islands of the Bahamas. I haven’t received an emailing stating this or how to reschedule, however a third party source told me to check the consulate’s (where I am from) website and it’s there confirming the cancellation. Oh oh boy I miss my fiancé so much I hope this doesn’t get push into our 1 year engagement anniversary
  5. Wowwwwwwwww! Of course it had to be me right ? I haven’t received any emails relating to a cancel appointment or reschedule. I don’t even know what to do now !
  6. Update: Interview on the 10th of September Did my medical last Thursday. I was thinking they gave us the report but I called bay street medical and they stated they will issue the report to the embassy. I don't know if i pass it or not lol no one called yet or said anything and the interview is next Tuesday.
  7. You interview is one day before our own Good luck. As to the question I know it has already been answered I’m taking a regular two sided folder.
  8. Completed the medical costed me $920. I took the remaining vaccine shots at Bay Street medical (4 shots total), completed blood work, urine sample. I also completed the chest XRay at fourth terrace (chest XRay place)
  9. Actually I did a bit digging today and found out that something was shipped to the Bahamas today EXP 20 AUG 2019A
  10. Meanwhile congratulations to everyone whose scheduling or have completed their interviews..however I got this (picture below) in the email today (yay progress)... The only thing testing my patience and rose heightened concern is that DHL still showing zilch when I search cases to the Bahamas. I have patience but when the only evidence you have right now is the CEAC website showing in transit for 17 days and absolutely no other resource it’s really playing mind games with me. I will continue to monitor the process as I just wanted to seek any information possible and to update if anyone is going through what I’m going through. Humor: 17 days ? No I don’t live in space! The Bahamas is only 3 hours away from the NVC (by plane of course) DHL (if anyone would like to try) Reference: (EXP 06 AUG 2019A) Date range: Location: Bahamas
  11. Received this today... So it’s becoming clear that either it’s lost or I really don’t know ? Did the DHL trick worked for you guys in here ? If not please let me know as it is unclear why I when I tracked cases to the Bahamas nothing comes up SHIPMENT DATE AS PER NVC: (August 6th 2019)
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