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  1. I had my interview on May 1st at Detroit field Office without any joint account or Joint lease and still approved. I just bring 2018 tax return and Insurance benefit confirmation. Both document stated me as dependent of my husband, also i bring ID card from my husband company (as company family member). About wedding picture, we just printed it on paper,not the whole wedding album. I also print some screen capture from our social media that show our relations. Good Luck!
  2. 3 Months only? Wow its really fast @Summer888. Congratulations!
  3. I think this is a Lessons learned for any petitioner, they should copy any document before send it to the beneficiary. So if there is delay or something happened with the document at least you still have the copy one and maybe it still can be use.
  4. He mail the tax transcript only? Just ask your fiance to scann the tax transcript and send it by email. You can print the document anywhere.
  5. Being around this site almost 2 year, and this is 1st time someone say K1 visa is legal to work without EAD. Anyone can confirm?
  6. I have my AOS interview 2 days ago (may 1st) at detroit field office and its approved. The officer say my GC will be arrive about 14 days (maximum). around midnight i check my online AOs status is "new card is being produced". But Yesterday i got 2 letter of I-797 say that my EAD and AP was approved. But its only letter without the EAD card. Then i check online status for EAD is "card is mailed to me" and "case was receive" for my AP. bit confusing.
  7. We arrived at 9.21 (appointment at 9.40) security checks bit strict. Shows our ID's and We have to take our shoe's off before walk through the metal detector. My husband bring the small aerosol spray in his bag (glass cleaner) and security say he cant bring it to the building so he had to go back to the car to save the spray. Then to reception to confirm our appointment. They will check our appointment letter and show where we have to wait for the interview. The officer called us for interview around 9.55. The interview begins by asking to raise our right hand and swear to tell the truth during the interview. Then took a pict and fingerprint. 1st question is about how we met and my husband tell her from how we met, why decide the K1, and how we get married here. Then the question only about yes or no question from the AOS form, then confirm all data from the form (my name, birth date, my parents name, etc ). She also realize i made a mistake on the form ( I wrote my middle name as the first name, my husband name as my middle name, and my first name as family name) she said she will fixed that. She asked any evidence that we bring for interview. I gave her our files and she only took some of docoment: -recent tax document (w2, tax return) -my husband pay stubs -Employment letter -insurance confirmation from my husband company that's stated me as his spouse -copy of family ID card from my husband company -wedding documentations (i print some of our wedding pict in paper) Actually she want me to show my ssn card but i dont bring it (i say i dont know i have to bring that and we should not bring it anywhere) she said no problem. Then she say everything is ok and i will got my GC within 14 days (maximum,but usually faster) and explains that i have to apply for ROC in the next 21 months. Well i think the hardest part of this all process is waiting patiently Good luck for everyone who still waiting.. it will be your turn soon..
  8. it seems that there is always a debate about what documents are needed for an AOS. in the end, I decided to included all the documents that I had for AOS (especially for Form i-485) which could prove the legit of our wedding and the financial capabilities of the sponsor. that's why i also submit the wedding documentation and pay stubs with tax document also. today we have been interviewed and approved without RFE
  9. @V-Kris, It doesn't matter. My fiance also immediately prepare and sent me all the document I needed for Interview soon after we receive the NOA2 without waiting the P3. so i receive all the document even before I did the medical check up
  10. Bring passport (maiden name) and Marriage certificate (married name)
  11. Yes.. now its too early, the K Visa validity usually about 6 months from the date of medical check up approval process from the NOA to NOA2 also about 6 months plus, another couple months for NVC & embassy proces. I am afraid they will not accept the results of medical check-up that have been done more than 6 months before the interview date.
  12. @Lucy&Jason, i wish your status change to "Interview was schedule" as soon as possible also Good Luck for all Detroit people!!
  13. so what you worry about? as you mention that current processing time of K Petition is about 5 - 6 month, so you may get approval on august or September then put another 1 month for NVC > Embassy so she really have a lot of time to travel until the case reach the embassy on october (March + 6M +1M). and usually embassy give you 4 month before schedule the interview to complete all required document (once again please see your regional US Embassy forum to make sure process after case transferred to embassy) but, you can request to extend it if needed.
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