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  1. Probably, i think i don't want to take risk.. So will just go with their schedule. thank you πŸ™‚
  2. Hello guys 😊, i want to ask your opinion.. So I already have my interview schedule, it's on early May at Usem Jakarta. Is that possible and okay to ask earlier schedule to the embassy? It's actually because i have some work to do on the appointment day and if i could get the interview faster, I'll able to make move such as resign from my job (i couldn't resign until now coz i want to make sure first my visa get approved).. Thank you so much
  3. Hello All, I want to ask and make sure, i got my notification if my petition is Ready for interview on March 22,2019. But until now i don't get any email from US embassy for packet 3. What should i do? Should we just wait for their email or we can schedule the interview without waiting the P3 email? Thank you
  4. Hello all, i want to ask, i got my case ready for interview on March 22,2019 and I've completed my DS-160 also make account for my delivery address and visa payment fee. Just want to make sure when exactly US embassy will send email for the P3 after the "Ready" confirmation And can have my interview schedule? Thank you πŸ™
  5. Tia Stephanie

    Special agent from diplomatic security

    Hello guys, thank you so much for all ur responses and opinions.. Appreciate them so much! I'm here to give update of my posting before. So the DSS agent turn out has NOTHING to do with our case and also with my fiance's friend. The agent just came for asked my friend's dad because there's illegal immigrant lived in his apartment. Just silly because the time was so perfect πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Also our K1 visa case is doing well with status "In Transit" now. God willing I'll have my interview soon. Wish me luck πŸ™ Thank you 😊😊
  6. Tia Stephanie

    Special agent from diplomatic security

    Oh this is really make me curious, does timeline in this website important??????? I ever asked about this thing before, does timeline in this website have matter with any department that handle visa.. And people in this forum say none, so i don't bother to make timeline. Can u explain it better?? And unfortunately, the card look like that, but the golden seal doesn't say Homeland Security but diplomatic security. I stop talking about this in this topic because i still waiting information from my fiance's friend to give us an update. Im not that free anyway to bloke smoke in something like this coz i know how it feels. Waiting for visa without know what's going next and only thing can do is BEING PATIENT
  7. Tia Stephanie

    Special agent from diplomatic security

    Nothing to do, no imbra or Adam waiver or etc.. He's just regular employee and work as chief tech in debt company and i DO not have any criminal record, never go to police office either
  8. Tia Stephanie

    Special agent from diplomatic security

    Nope, my fiance doesn't live with his friend.. They just know each other for long time, i assume it has related with me because the time is so match.. My visa process is now at NVC stage, and i heard they do have some background check.. And my fiance also had criminal record, but what make me feel odd is my fiance doesn't do like "heavy criminal" for department like DSS needs to handle. So not sure if this is linked to my visa or not. I've checked ID card he left and it seem legit, we've asked my fiance's friend to call that agent for make sure. Hopefully everything's fine.
  9. Tia Stephanie

    Special agent from diplomatic security

    That's because the time is so right, like i mentioned before and my fiance had some criminal records before.. But his criminal record has nothing to do with DSS i guess, most of them only related with traffic violations.. And as long as i know his friend come from good family and he doesn't have criminal record. I've asked them to call that person soon,for make everything's clear
  10. Tia Stephanie

    Special agent from diplomatic security

    i think like that, maybe they just want to verified about my relationship, but when i googling diplomatic security service also take care about visa.. Idk maybe i wrong
  11. Tia Stephanie

    Special agent from diplomatic security

    Nope, he's 100% American, i do have come from Indonesia but I'm not muslim
  12. Tia Stephanie

    Special agent from diplomatic security

    I also wondering, because the house was empty, he left his business card and asked them to call him if possible
  13. Tia Stephanie

    Special agent from diplomatic security

    He left his business card and asked my fiance's friend to call
  14. Hello guys, I'm in K1 visa processing in step tranfer to NVC, they state if they've been accepted my document from USCIS on March 4th 2019 and during that time there's special agent from diplomatic security visit my fiance's friend. Is that normal for special agent visit during K1 visa processing? Thank you 😊
  15. Tia Stephanie

    Police Certificate for NVC or Embassy

    Thank you so much for the link. I will re confirm with my fiance