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  1. If the medical is older than 6 months then you have to redo it, I know it’s not fair and it cost $300, but unfortunately we can’t do anything. I’m glad they called you guys, it’s a good sign. Good luck
  2. Do they have her passport? if the answer is yes, then go to the embassy and ask them to assist you. if the answer is No, then may be they want you to bring the passport to give you the visa. Also a visa is not issued unless it shows issued, as long as it shows Ready then it’s not. There’s a group on Facebook called (NVC Process Help) they are experts and give free consultations and advice as well. Request to join it and I’m sure they will help you.
  3. Thank you, yeah I did an expedite myself and it was approved. It helped my application get to Lebanon fast, but no interview through NVC because there was a lockdown in Lebanon due to Covid-19. it’s very easy form, you send it to NVC and they forward it to the embassy in Lebanon, they only decide on approval or denial, the good news is you won’t loose anything if it gets rejected. You can actually keep trying. on the group I mentioned earlier you can have a better idea on what to write. good luck
  4. I’m sorry to hear this, but How’s that possible when it’s not expired? Your wife is Lebanese? Or she have another nationality?
  5. Sorry I just noticed your response, well like I said earlier, send the embassy an email and let them know that you can’t schedule an appointment. I believe it’s something on there end. They fix it and then you will be able to see the appointments. Also there a group on FB called (NVC Process Help) they are really good and answer your questions on spot.
  6. Hi, it means that the US embassy in Beirut did not receive your application from NVC yet. If not mistaken your visa category was banned by the previous administration and just recently they lifted the ban. My advice is to send an expedite request to NVC and they will forward it to Beirut, if it get approved, then your application will be transferred within a week. also there’s a group of experts with NVC on FB that might help you even further, it’s called (NVC process help) they will answer any questions or concerns you have, also you can learn from others experience. Good luck.
  7. Ok then email the embassy, put in the title your NVC case # and mention something important like: urgent appointment meeting or something else, because they are only replying to urgent emails.
  8. Then send them an email and let them know that you can’t see any appointments available, I believe they need to make something on there end and you’ll be able to see appointments. It happened to a friend of mine. Also is it for 1 person or more?
  9. What’s your visa category? also did you check for other months? Like if you keep moving forward in the calendar, eventually you will find one.
  10. Ok I’m glad you got a spot, when’s your interview? Or did you have it already? I’m trying to see how did it go for others so we can all benefit from the experience.
  11. Thank you for the update. We have our interview in a week. IR1 did you get an appointment?
  12. I'm not sure about F22 visas, but i know they are allowing CR1/ IR1 and K1 visas to schedule there own appointments. Also try to check the ustraveldocs website to see if you can schedule an interview. Good luck
  13. Hi, can you please share your experience if you got interviewed or not and what visa category. Thanks
  14. So you can't cancel the appointment or reschedule? Also if anything, start a new application under a different email and just transfer all the info to the new one, this way you can get yourself a new appointment. Or you can email the embassy and explain what happened, may be they give you an earlier appointment.
  15. Ok look, i just checked the website and there's appointments available for K1 visas at the end of this month. Let me know if you need any help booking one.
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