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  1. Yes. I share similar views. Already there are hundreds of VAWA applicants that are way beyond regular processing time. I want to believe, the Newly posted 25.5 is for new applicants?
  2. Yes, my attorney did that(C31). But few days ago I was advised right here on this group to send C09. I did that and It was received, even put on expedite. But no action to this day. Last week I decided to take risk and write letters to FBI and First Lady(White House) about assistance with the security check. I'm waiting their responses if they will respond Also, I don't understand why and how Vermont approved I-131 travel parole but need security check for EAD? I'm still the same applicant and nothing changed about whom I'm as person!
  3. Hi, I'm in similar situation like you. I wrote emails to several Congressmans, Ombudsman, and Senator. Today I got an email or a response from USCIS through Congressman, saying that: "Security Background check" is delaying the process. I submitted my I-360 application on June 2019 and to this day I don't have work authorization (EAD). Anyone reading this, please give us an advice, opinion, testimony or any help possible to resolve this monster called "delay." Myself I'm not a criminal. FBI background check doesn't have to take 3 years on a person who has never committed anything, not in any gangs or broke any law anywhere in this world. I have never ever-ever-ever been arrested since I was a kid to my age. Last month I was sued by credit companies. I lost everything I ever owned. So how will the approval in my late 50s+ or 60s+ or say when I'm finally dead because of depression be of any assistance to me?? This is so frustrating!! I have been praying and fasting until I lost hope....I'm so depressed..it hurts alot to be dependent on other's or became a beggar and a burden because of........ Any help please???
  4. Yes, go ahead and file it, that would be my advice, especially if it's affordable to you as of now . Myself l'm in a similar situation, I filled on June 2019, received 2 prima facie, they approved my travel parole, l responded to RFE and since then no responses whatsoever, no EAD to date and I have been sued by credit cards and now I'm forced to sleep in a car.. 21 days ago, I reached out to both the Senator and congressman and they both sent inquiries which going by the current policy of the USCIS "NO RESPONSE is expected." So I'm also contemplating about Mandamus, but going through different threads, online research it sounds expensive but a lasting or promising solution!! I'm planning to seek financial help from my relatives back in my home country because of the legal fees. Then file Mandamus as soon as possible. I wish you all the best.
  5. I have different question but regarding congressman. My EAD expired on January 2020, Unfortunately I haven't been working since then. Two weeks ago a credit company took me to Court, Demanding I pay their money. My questions are; What are the consequences of such case? How am l supposed to pay off their money without any work authorization? I have reached out to congressman and Senator, they have all emailed me back that they have sent inquiries to USCIS Vermont like 6 days ago. I'm really stressed and afraid things are not going well.
  6. Hi friends, just a quick question, is it normal for USCIS to ignore or refuse to reply congressman and senator?? Or rather is it normal for USCIS to take weeks to answer a simple inquiry made by ombudsman, senator and congressman on your behalf??

    This concerns their office in Vermont service center, and it's regarding a VAWA case that is pending since 2019. 

    Also I need an advice, what do you do, when you don't have a job because your EAD expired and credit companies begin to sue you??

    Should l start working under the table and pay off their money?? 

    Should I file Mandamus?? I'm very stressed and l feel exhausted.

    Everything is working against me! Is USCIS treating me like this because I'm Kenyan (Black African) or what?


  7. Thank you for sharing your own experience. Well, myself, I traveled to Kenya twice without any hitch, I hadn't been to Kenya for over 6 years. But last year my late father fell very sick and it was a must I take him back to Kenya. l had just submitted my VAWA in 2019. My attorney refused to submit my l-131 in the package terming it as "a high risk." So I did the whole thing by myself. So we traveled to Kenya, unfortunately my father died then l stayed back in Kenya for several months. Miraculously, my l-131 was approved. To date, everything else under VAWA is yet to be approved except for the said travel parole (l-131). I haven't worked for 3 years because my EAD expired. I have been sued by credit companies, lost trucking company that l owned, lost everything!! But my travel parole,gave me some hope. But still, l thank God for the approval of my travel parole. Just like you, I went through secondary check with the immigration officers the two times l went to Kenya. But the whole process was smooth, straightforward and easy. God bless America!!
  8. I'm also June 2019. No renewal of prima facie or l-485 , no response to numerous letters l sent to Vermont.
  9. Yes!! It's a loooong story. First of all it's a miracle me being back in the US, since I traveled out and came back. Secondly l lost my work authorization(expired) after my ex-wife secretly divorced me and kicked me out. It was a very abusive marriage, to date my knee cap is dislocated because of that.....plus other things I can't mention here. I lost my dear late father last year and l had to take him back to Kenya, just a week before he died. It has been disasters after disasters!! After sending my applications back in 2019, USCIS only approved my emergency travel parole that's in 2021, but to date no news or update about EAD or l-360. I have tried everything, reached out to the congressman, ombudsman, wrote un-answered letters to Vermont service center, chat with Emma but nothing!! My prima facie expired!! Right now I get financial assistance from churches and friends....it's too embarrassing and stressful though! My last EAD card expired around January 2019. Since then I couldn't replace my CDL license. But brother, your story(testimony) has really inspired me. I'm always slow about sharing my personal stories, because first of all I'm a man, secondly you never know who might read it and I know my ex she's capable of anything!!
  10. Congratulations my brother! That's a real miracle!! I feel you brother. I'm also a man, waiting for my own similar case since 2019, without work or anything but just idle sitting and regularly checking my status for any updates. If God can do for you, he will surely do it for me too and many others who deserves justice, fairness, liberty and Freedom!! Enjoy your Freedom brother!! Now you're a free man!! Enjoy your next life without limitations or fears. Be blessed also!!!
  11. Congratulations. I wish you all the best and more positive News in the new month of November.
  12. Hi, I'm facing similar situation, my application was received on June 2019. I got two prima facie, last one expired 3 months ago. I have tried ombudsman, senator, congressman but they're not helpful at all. I guess it's because VAWA has privacy laws. I'll suggest you do an infopass. That's what I'm doing right now. I called USCIS and they promised to call me back within 30 days which ends by 17th of November. I still don't know what will happen, but hopefully I'll get a better answer. I submitted renewal of Prima facie few weeks ago, and no updated response to this day or an updated reflecting "P.M renewal received" on their website. Just like you, I also responded to an RFE by April, and on their page it says "correspondence was received." Just call and schedule for infopass, that's all I can say.
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