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  1. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with how the i130 process goes but I wish you luck in your journey
  2. It's standard procedure they need to run background checks and whatnot I think. It sucks but you might have to wait 120 days before you call them but hopefully it won't take that long at all! It was in the brooklyn field office, 8th floor. My status went directly from "interview scheduled" to "card was sent for production" and yesterday "card was mailed" Did your interview go smoothly?
  3. Yes, it was adjusted from a K-1 Visa. We didn't get approved on the spot, we got the notice that said our case was held for review for up to 120 days. From what I've heard that's a standard procedure and it may usually mean that the interviewing officer didn't have the authority to approve you on the spot. So some get lucky and get the supervisor and others don't I got the status update online on the next day after the interview that my card was sent for production. Hope this helps
  4. Had our interview yesterday, got status update that new card is being produced today! Filed in june 2018
  5. Thanks everyone I'll just bring the unsigned one and hopefully it'll be fine.
  6. Hello, I have an upcoming interview for a marriage-based green card and I have a question. In the letter it says to bring the documents I submitted in my application to the interview...Problem is I was a dumb dumb and don't have a signed and dated copy of the i485 and the affidavit. I only have the pdf files with all the information except for a signature and date. Would I be able to bring them without a date or signature or am I screwed? Thanks
  7. Is it really taking 2 years for AOS in NYC?
  8. Anyone from Brooklyn heard anything yet? Grats to everyone that did!
  9. Hi! Can anyone who filed from NYC let me know how long it takes to get a green card? Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know if the interview for AOS is mandatory now? I know before you weren't always called in for an interview if you arrived on a K-1 visa, but is it still like that?
  11. Thank you, I appreciate the detailed answer Also, do you know what the waiting times are for NOA1 or a rejection notice? Thanks!
  12. Hi I have a problem with my AOS application. I came on a K-1 Visa. On the EAD I wrote (a)(6) instead of (c)(9) for the eligibility category, what will happen to my AOS application? Is there any way to send a corrected EAD to them without having to wait for them to return the documents if it gets rejected?
  13. I have a big problem On the EAD I wrote (a)(6) instead of (c)(9), what will happen to my AOS application? Is there any way to send a corrected EAD to them without having to wait for them to return the documents?
  14. If it says "non-immigrant visa" and it's under AP, it's standard and you've got nothing to worry about! AP is not only background checks but also printing out the visa.
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