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  1. I'm wondering the same. We didn't get the text but got the letter on 9/12 that said our actual NOA date was 9/5. We still haven't gotten a letter with an appointment date for our biometrics. Does anyone also know if this biometrics appointment date/time is located anywhere other than the mailed letter we're waiting on?
  2. No, I didn’t. I remember submitting something like that for our I129F and didn’t for this... no wonder haha. Thanks!
  3. I never got the text messages and just received our NOAs in the mail. Hopefully yours is on the way... The Chicago lockbox received our package 9/3, deposited the check 9/5, then we got our letters 9/12.
  4. We just mailed our I-485 and are under the I-129F category. According to the website we were supposed to mail it to the Chicago lockbox (which we did) but I keep seeing people with similar applications assigned to a service center like the Potomac one above. Will we be assigned to a service center once they start processing our application? Or our local office? Sorry this is a bit unrelated but I'm wondering which processing times to expect as well.
  5. My fiancé is flying in Wednesday and has his big envelope ready for his entrance. He gave the doctor a copy of his vaccination card with his records and we noticed some but not all of his vaccines were transcribed onto the medical approval form given to him by the doctor. Does anyone know if that copy of his vaccination records will be in the envelope if we need it for the future? Or does he need to go to his own doctor's office and get another copy?
  6. That's what my fiancé was told when he spoke with them this week. They offered him an interview next Wednesday but we'll be traveling together so their next available was June 19th. Through looking at other couples' timelines it looks like there were some Thursday interviews in the past though. Yes we were really happy with how fast this moved. The Croatian embassy was just as friendly and efficient as everyone says
  7. Hi Croats! I'm the US petitioner and my fiancé is the only one of us who can read Croatian. We just got our interview scheduled for June 19th and are excited! FYI to those after us they said they are holding interviews on Wednesdays (but not every Wednesday).
  8. This is what my fiancé and I are planning. When he comes, we'll get married in the courthouse with no friends or family present to keep it as low-key as possible. Of course we'll build evidence of our relationship in ways aside from wedding photos (bills, bank accounts, life insurance, etc). We'll have a wedding ceremony a full year later in his country, Croatia, and my friends and family will also fly over from the US so everyone can be together. We're planning it a whole year later to allow time for advanced parole so he can leave the country. Since we want to have a ceremony in the church we've spoken with his priest and they'll allow us to have a religious ceremony even though we'll already technically be married. Anyway maybe you can do something like this if you want a way to celebrate but also want to be together ASAP and not file the CR1.
  9. @Blueyz48 Thank you! Looks like our countries shipped out at 13:00 today. Good to know they'll be there Friday
  10. The DHL hack isn't working for me for Croatia either but my status is "in transit." I'm hoping it just hasn't updated for our countries and we'll still be on track. Historically Croatia has received the case in 2-3 days so it's not a long wait.
  11. Ours is in transit as well! @Greenbaum we'll be sure to send you Croatia's packet 3 once we receive it. I remember you saying you'd like an updated version. Thanks again for all your help!
  12. Our case number was assigned 4/26 so we missed the last shipment and are hoping to be on the one this week. At the ceac website it still says "at NVC" though. Does the status need to change to get changed to "ready" in order to get shipped?
  13. Thanks! I'd read that about Colorado and looked into our surrounding states. Unfortunately NY, NJ, CT, and PA all require citizenship but if Portland doesn't, there has to be more states I don't know about! Would love to hear @thinblueline's experience. Thanks so much for your tips! He thinks both security and admin work related to the PD are great options. We'll hopefully come back and update this thread once he's here and employed!
  14. I love this thread! Lots of good ideas. I'll add a few of mine: -I'll have pictures of him (and me) with his friends and family around our home -We'll have a welcome to the USA get-together with my extended family -I started a mini library for him of used books I've collected- US history, English dictionary, American phrases, going to add the constitution! -I live in NYC so I got him shirts/hats for the Mets, Giants, and Knicks then later tickets (mayyyybe this will spark conversations with other guys in the gym? Bromance ensues?) -Through online searching, we found a Croatian church and some restaurants that are either Croatian or related (Bosnian, Serbian, etc) to fulfill his čevapi cravings We'll want to find some friends too. If anyone is in NYC let us know!
  15. Hi everyone, My fiancé will be moving to NYC with me once our K-1 visa is approved. He has been working as a police officer in Croatia for 10 years and has specialized training (including bachelors degree) to work as a documents specialist at the border there. He loves his work in law enforcement but is open to a career change. He will likely look for a "temporary career" during the few years we wait for his citizenship before applying for a police officer jobs. -Any suggestions for similar work he could do without citizenship? -Has anyone else been in his position and waited to go back into law enforcement? -In my search almost all states require citizenship but with the national shortage of police officers, since it's a state and not federal requirement maybe it could be evaluated case by case? Thanks for any insight, opinions, or suggestions!
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