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  1. Got it today, it was the birth certificate!! 😛
  2. Got notification that an RFE letter for the AOS was sent to us on Jan 23rd. I really hope is something small ... maybe my birth certificate, since I did not send it with the initial package... Well at least they "touched" our case.. Do you guys know if there is a topic / file on RFE reasons for 2018 somewhere? I tried looking online, but saw only old stuff. Thanks!
  3. I am a little lost with this... I have a SSC since 2010 - was here on a work and travel program. Now just waiting on the EAD... you saying I can obtain a temp. one?
  4. Awesome, Thank you and good luck on the interview!
  5. Why do you think it will take that long? I am in MD too and really hoped things will move a little faster for us here... Where are you checking the local office est timelines and backlogs? Thanks!

    Affidavit of Support form question?

    Thank you! I new it ... now I am not sure what we will do ... I can try bringing only a copy to the interview ... hope this works....

    Affidavit of Support form question?

    Yeah I know this, my question is does my fiance need to complete one - he is the petitioner or the form completed by his mom is sufficient? e sent me only his mom's affidavit of support (signed by her), since he is not employed now... Do you know if he needed to complete one too, even if he is not working?

    Affidavit of Support form question?

    Hello! My interview is on the 30th and just got the package with documents I needed from my fiancé. He sent me only his mom's affidavit of support (signed by her), since he is not employed now... Do you know if he needed to complete one too, even if he is not working?
  9. Just saw your post @EricAndCarlos and checked the app.... and BOOOOOM. We got approved too. Nov-2nd old site. 6th on the new one. I am super excited. Still cannot believe my eyes.
  10. It is killing me too.... We saw each other in January and will be together in 17 days (for just a week), but those 3 months ... man ... Haven't been so difficult. Every time we say goodbye to each other is more and more and more difficult than the last one... DO NOT LIKE THIS! I really wish the system and this whole process is faster and better organized. But on the bright side - we are almost done with this... Lots of love to all of you!
  11. You can help, but better filled by the person who will attend the interview. They have a question asking if anybody helped them completing the forms, so obviously you can help, but the form requires more personal info than anything. Previous visits to US, past visas, address where she will stay in US, info about relatives and some criminal "precaution" questions. https://www.***removed***/visas/sample-ds-160-form-us-visa-application.pdf
  12. Yeah, I know we are all self-thought here, but needed to talk to somebody that can understand my craziness... The job offer, yeah, you are right, now thinking about it this way it be a strange thing indeed I am saving a lot and will get a bank statement for the interview (hope this helps somehow) and will have Matt work with his dad on the Affidavit of Support form. I have just been waiting for so long now it seems so unbelievable that the wait is almost over. Thank you!!!! Also I have been on a work and study program back in 2010 when I was issued a SSN and a card. I know it allowed me to work under the 1 visa only, but wondering it this will actually speed up somehow the EAD ... Thanks again1!
  13. I know there are plenty of room for interpretations on a lot of the K1 steps and processes, but my fiance is not working and he is unemployed for over an year now. He decided to travel to Bulgaria and be with me instead and once we are together to start working again and get something more stable once we settle down. So my question is, would this rise a red flag with USCIS? Also in cases like this, will the same requirements for co-sponsor apply? Another thing, would a letter from a company in the US, stating they have a ob offer for me waiting will help in any way? I am currently working from home for them and last year applied for H1B, it was selected and then due to some major lawyer screw up withdrawn... I cannot stop thinking and worrying about this... Any thoughts will be appreciated.
  14. My VJ timeline got updated Now showing My 15th - May 20th. Was 16th - 21st. Moved twice the past few weeks. Excited to see things are moving faster (moving at all)... Yay!!
  15. Thank you guys. Now it makes more sense, but I guess will just double check all needed again when the time comes. NOA1 on NOV 2nd, so I still have some time... unfortunately.