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  1. Hello, I am a February filer from Jamaica, and I am wondering, do I need to go to an agent for them to book an interview? would that make it sooner? and about the police record, do I have to wait on the interview?

  2. You are welcome. Now that you are this far in the process I would advise browsing through the Egypt portal here because there are a lot of topics that might help you further with the process: http://www.visajourney.com/portals/index.php?country=Egypt&tpage=1&ppage=5&forum=80 Also you should get the instructions for Packet 3 from your embassy when you email them after your case arrives there and is ready.
  3. You should use the case number here to track your case (visa type should always be set to immigrant ): https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=NIV It should change to "In Transit" when it's on the way to your embassy and then to "Ready" when your consulate has received it and you're allowed to schedule your interview. your profile isn't set up so I'm unsure of what country you're from but you will probably need to email your consulate and request packet 3 when your case status is set to "Ready". You can FILL OUT the DS-160 but do not electronically sign or submit the application until your case status is at least set to "Ready" just to be safe.
  4. IMO you're going to need to need a lawyer for such a case. Deportation due to drug trafficking/sales and such as stated before aren't really pardonable offenses depending on the scale of the offense. Look what criteria you fall in here (to get started): https://www.uscis.gov/family/family-us-citizens/bringing-parents-live-united-states-permanent-residents As for the drug charge, you would need someone to go over his case records legally to see in depth what was the actual offense, charges, bans, etc which is where you would probably need a lawyer.
  5. Hi Guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now in the US with my soon to be hubby and POE was a breeze. My POE was Washington (IAD) and here was zero harassment. I had a 2 min conversation with the officer (no secondary or anything), did my prints and I was on my way to see his smiling face waiting for me outside even though it was pouring lmao . To those are still waiting, I know that it's tough feeling left behind but it's not a race and all good things come with time; soon it will be your time.
  6. As long as you have received the NOA2 I would suggest that you communicate only with NVC. USCIS has done their part and now it's up to the NVC. Unfortunately, the information provided by the call center eps aren't always accurate but going forward on Monday I would advise that you keep following up with NVC about your case. There was a recent US holiday so that might be why your case is not at the NVC yet. It took me exactly 2 weeks(no holidays so I got lucky) for my case to arrive at the NVC and an additional day to get my case assigned a case number. I think NVC is taking an average of 2-4 weeks at the moment so you shouldn't be worried if it is not there yet. Just don't give the USCIS a reason to pull your case back to them and it should be fine (can cause additional weeks of delay). Also last time I checked NVC advises that their processing can take up to 6 weeks (standard) which is uncommon but not impossible so again don't stress
  7. If you received your NOA2 in the mail then it's almost certain that your case is on it's way to the NVC. When is your case's approval date (based on what's printed on the NOA2)? After about 2 or so weeks from the approval date on the letter you should keep following up with the NVC about your case arriving and getting your case number. I wouldn't worry about the email because my case was recently approved and my visa is now in my hand but I've received about 2-3 emails stating that my case is still being reviewed and that there are no updates at this time.
  8. AnaUmo

    Immunization records

    If you cannot find your immunization records but you can go back to the clinic you originally got registered at for immunization at birth, you can ask them for a copy. If they do not have a copy then try contacting the Ministry of Health location in your parish and enquiry there. Most likely you will be told that you will need to receive all vaccinations that are applicable to you (age based, chicken pox if you never caught it before, etc). I can tell you though that in Jamaica, it will definitely be expensive since the vaccine prices range from $1500 - $12000 depending on where you get them. If you cannot get the immunization card you should ensure that you get the shots done before you have anything such as a medical exam as the only place allowed to complete the exam in Jamaica is the St. Andrews Memorial Hospital and it is much more expensive there. Good luck!
  9. In the meantime, you can make reference to most inquiries in the Pakistan portal here: http://www.visajourney.com/portals/index.php?country=Pakistan
  10. Ahh then this needs to be moved by a moderator because it is in the wrong forum.
  11. K1 visa interviews are usually scheduled by the petitioner and/or beneficiary. NVC will not schedule for you. Has your case status been set to "Ready"? If so, visit this site and follow the instructions to setup your appointment online: https://pk.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/fiancee-visa-online-scheduling/
  12. I have no real experience with this but I am figuring by how Jamaican processes are usually slow that since it was received May 18th, it was placed at the bottom of the queue for someone and the additional checks done during AP will possible take a while. I'm sorry about the extended wait but just don't let up on your communication with the embassy as it might end up falling through the cracks
  13. It's almost over. Just a few more steps. This is the easy part though in my opinion.
  14. Yes, this is your interview appointment letter. They're advising that you bring the confirmation letter that has the summary of your DS-160.