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  1. You are totally right I was wondering about this too! Can’t understand the “hardship” that will be caused for not having a tourist visa! While we are waiting for more than 1 year to be united with our spouses and relatives that’s just unfair 😔
  2. Yes I contacted them all and received the same usual answer even the lawyer confirmed that he can’t do anything to help us. when was your interview?
  3. I would like to know too coz I sent them the required form on 02 Feb and received a letter from them on 06 Feb saying that they sent an inquiry to the embassy and will get back to me when they have the answer. I’m still waiting from them although the date of my case was updated.
  4. I know dear i feel exactly the same I’ve been waiting 3 years to join my husband and start our life together. Every time I contact the embassy I got the same reply and that they can’t expect when the process ends noting that my case update only when I contact them. Sometimes I feel that nobody working on my case and they’re just freezing it.
  5. I’ve been in administative process as a part of a waiver since Feb 2018 so it’s 8 months and still counting😔 I guess we have to be so patient coz no body knows when this process will end. What about you?
  6. I would suggest you to contact your lawyer and tell him exactly what happened and show him the paper they gave you. He will give you the best advise, I’m just sharing my interview experience with you.
  7. There is no form for waiver, the questions they asked you are the same question in the ds5535 form it is the same thing. what they mean by the “proclamation” is the order that was issued by Mr Trump banning Syrian and other nationalities from getting visa to US.
  8. Don’t worry they will change it to Administrative process whenever you send them the answers of the questions
  9. I had mine in Kuwait and still waiting. I contact the embassy every now and then but they reply the same answer that I need to wait and it needs couple of months.
  10. That’s great! You gave me some hope here, how long she has been in the waiver process?
  11. I’m in the same situation and had my interview also on 20 Feb. any good news yet? Which embassy did handle his interview?
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