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  1. My application now is at the NVC . I submitted all the required documents online . How long does it take to process ? And I know I asked about this before . But have anyone prepared the travel ban waiver by himself? How is it look like? Plz any info any advice . Thanks
  2. I wrote an email to the embassy in Riyadh and they replied "She qualifies for a waiver as your spouse at the time of her interview" I'm contacting many lawyers and they asking for thousands of dollars just to prepare a waiver !! Any help? How to prepare for such a waiver?
  3. I had my I 130 petition approved last week . I just want to be a head and prepared for the interview. My wife is Syrian who resides in Riyadh. How to prepare a waiver? Thank you
  4. In Riyadh, Saudi @NJ515
  5. I will need a waiver for my Syrian wife . Any advice?