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  1. Thank u dear. No special circumstances. I think we got the visa that fast because my wife was born in Saudi and we provided evidence that she has never lived in Syria. We provided details of her travels in the past 15 years in the form ds 5535. So her police clearance was only issued from Saudi. I believe this is what help us the most.
  2. The Visa has been issued today Administrative processing for about 20 days after the interview. Don't lose hope and stay strong.
  3. I sent them an email . This is the reply from the US embassy. The wait is killing me
  4. Hello guys , I'm American , and my wife is Syrian . She had her interview on June 25th in the US embassy in Riyadh. The consular said the application is complete . We just need the approval from DC. She also said within a month or 2 , she will get her Visa! and she gave her a refusal letter . She said this is just a routine thing not to worry about. However, I was just checking the status online . and It says REFUSED !! Last Update June 30th. What do u think I should do ? Thanks
  5. My application now is at the NVC . I submitted all the required documents online . How long does it take to process ? And I know I asked about this before . But have anyone prepared the travel ban waiver by himself? How is it look like? Plz any info any advice . Thanks
  6. I wrote an email to the embassy in Riyadh and they replied "She qualifies for a waiver as your spouse at the time of her interview" I'm contacting many lawyers and they asking for thousands of dollars just to prepare a waiver !! Any help? How to prepare for such a waiver?
  7. I had my I 130 petition approved last week . I just want to be a head and prepared for the interview. My wife is Syrian who resides in Riyadh. How to prepare a waiver? Thank you
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