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  1. Hi Mohammad, I'm a CPA accountant and tax consultant.. if you are going to apply for ITIN for your wife then you will have to file the w-7 first then send your 1040 after you get the ITIN card. the process might take up to four months. Best of luck.
  2. Alhamdulillah, Congrattssss!! Waiting for @salhasl dude to give us some discouragement as usual !!
  3. Told you before that I'm very optimistic about January 2019! Insha'Allah Khair
  4. I'm very optimistic about January 2019! I have a great feeling things will get better by then insha'Allah. Don''t lose hope. and if things got worse or delayed then we file for writ of mandamus.
  5. DONALD TRUMP’S TRAVEL BAN FACES A NEW DAY IN COURT https://theintercept.com/2018/12/12/travel-ban-waiver-lawsuit/?fbclid=IwAR3_hE69OZW44yW1u73hL9cYlb97kNvtb_EyMdvrMO-5qRw-9UoQf22DEw0
  6. The only hope for us if Democrats win and take over the house and senate again! once they win the first thing they would do is to stop the travel ban and it's one of their top priorities. Nov 6th is the date and let hope they win! so let's vote! otherwise and if GOP win god forbids then we won't see our spouses until that clown finishes his second term!
  7. Salaam guys, My wife attended the interview last week and she was placed on AP also. The funny thing is i prepared and wrote a waiver application so she can take it with her and to present it to the counselor during the interview, when she tried to show them the waiver , the counselor said what is waiver ? i don't know what is that for! she denied any knowledge about it and refused to even look at it and did not take it from her. they also requested her to answer the 10 questions prepared by the embassy in Amman eventhough we submitted the form DS-5535 three days before the interview. and told her she was placed on AP. It looks like they have instruction to delay all applications and to make it hard for us to bring our spouses to US. and it does not make sense to see that they are issuing a visitor Visa B1-B2 for the Syrians and we get denied or delayed, only in August the issues 77 non immigrant visa for visitors!!و الله يهنيهم من كل قلبي but does anyone have any idea on why our CR1 visa gets delayed and others are getting it eventhough there is no waiver for them at all ?
  8. Hi Amr, Do you still have a copy of these ten questions so you can share with us please. My wife's interview is next month in Amman. Thank you.
  9. Hi Mohammad, I'm in the same situation too, I'm an American and petitioned for my Syrian wife. her interview is next month. I have heard of some friends that they got the Visa after five days, some others got it after a month. I just wanted to ask you about the question they asked your wife to answer, is it a form and has a number ? i want to make sure my wife hand them this form during the interview and not after. Also did you submit a waiver during the interview or the counselor did it for her ? I wish you the best of luck.
  10. Thank you Muhammad, How did the interview go ? did they ask any weird questions and when did they place your case on AP right away during the interview or after a few days they informed you? Also Did you submitted a waiver during the interview or later or you did not at all ? I heard from an attorney that we need to submit this waiver along with our documents during the interview. otherwise it will go under AP instantly. My wife still living in Syria and our case was completed at NVC but the interview has not scheduled yet. The wired thing is that they will ask you to attend the interview then will keep you wait with no answer though. Wish you all the best and hope it gets better for you guys Please keep us posted.
  11. Hi Guys, Any good news or update form your side? I'm also American Syrian and waiting for the interview for my Syrian Wife in a couple of months. kinda worried and confused. Please update us if you have any progress Thank you.