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  1. this is there new system in casablanca consulat they try just want to hold your cases longer ( its a game ) your case its in AP now you have to send your medical exam nd chat, passport... I'm sure they give him 221g with docs that he need to send he need send all this with aramex and wait . after u send it try contact u congressman or u lawyer for push the case . good luck
  2. When you get you interview lettre there gonna tell what documents you have to take with you any way you can't have your medical exam without the appointment lettre so wait until you receive it .
  3. this is the lettre from nvc showing that they send our case back to the consulat of casablanca so whts going on ?!!!
  4. today the consulat send email says tht in sept 2017 my case was send back to the uscis this is a bigg joke 😡 my case was send back to embassy oct 2018 because we did send everything that was needed in 2017 everything was approved now for 2018 nvc has informed me that my case is now with back with embassy is sad to see how people from casablanca consulat take this as a big joke !!! I dont knw what to do right now we get lost my wife told me tht i meed to call the consulat but the consulat of casablanca dont receive calls they put on mailvoice 😡 . so what you guys think did someone had this stuation before ??
  5. our case was put under administrative process 221g since September 2017 . after a long time of waiting we send more evidence and we get approved again and the case forward back to the consulat since October 10 2018 (24 days) I'm following th status in my case but it dont show nothing I email the consulat twist time but they don't give no info the nvc said they sent case to casablanca and we have to see with them, I get confused about this . does anyone have the same problem ?
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