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  1. It really depends. Don’t count on them looking at it the instant they receive it just be patient. As long as you submitted everything they asked for it shouldn’t be long
  2. Keep an eye on your case status every day online. Once you submit it it’s a waiting game but the fact that they have his passport is a good sign the the visa should be issued soon. There’s no exact time frame of how long you’ll be in AP it’s different for everyone. As long as you submitted everything they asked for it should be fine
  3. K & R

    Dress code for interview

    Business looking is pretty good. Wear what you’d wear to a serious job interview
  4. This is incorrect you can have your phone on you but no chargers. There is no where to store things there they aren't responsible for your personal items.
  5. when my husband went to his interview at london he was not allowed to take a charger (the cable is what was not allowed). Most hotels will allow you to store your luggage and those sort of things in the lobby if you have already checked out (this is what he did) and then come back after the interview to retrieve them. There is no where to store it at the embassy if you bring things you cannot take in
  6. Sorry to hear your K1 got denied. More visits are always a good thing. I work as a waitress which provides me with flexibility in my work schedule and time off. When my husband and I were dating and awaiting the k-1 process I was able to be off whenever I needed to (as long as it didn’t interfere with a holiday when restaurants are usually the busiest). However, we still needed a joint sponsor because I just barely made the 125% and I didn’t make for all 3 years prior to applying. The IO at my husbands GC interview was impressed with the fact that my husband and I visited each other every 4 months during our relationship and k-1 process. This may be a little excessive but never the less we had a smooth k-1 and AOS process. My take aways for you: keep your job now if it’s stable and the income is good. Travel as much as you can. If you aren’t making enough consider the restaurant business. It isn’t ideal (or enjoyable) by any means but it’s a lot of money in a short amount of time with a lot of flexibility for time off and travel. really look for a joint sponsor. We used my step dad as ours and made things much smoother. Good luck!
  7. It seems as though you are leaning towards the CR1 route if you guys choose the US (which I would also recommend in your situation). But I wanted to add in case you do choose the K-1. After you marry and send the AOS, AP, and EAD packet you may be able to get your EAD expedited if you’re interested in staying with your current company (since you said they are a US company and you work from home). If it’s a solid job offer it wouldn’t hurt to try for an expedite. Regardless of expedite you can’t work in the US until you have your EAD though. Good luck to you both no matter what avenue you ultimately decide on! ☺️
  8. My husband has IBS which is definitely more minor than chrons but same sort of thing. He was fine. Granted we had a joint sponsor which will definitely be helpful. Proof of health insurance is good too. Since you are already married you should be able to add him already if you have not (even though he’s not in the us yet) this will all be helpful. The diseases they are mainly worried about are communicable things like TB. Just prepardedness for the costs of the drugs in the US is key. You should be fine imo
  9. Please don’t spam the same post multiple times it’s againt the TOS. I’m not sure about this case but I’m sure someone will reply soon you don’t need to keep posting this. Hopefully mods will merge your posts here.
  10. We just included a signed statement of intent to marry within 90 days of arrival on the visa from the petitioner and the beneficiary. Chat logs are secondary evidence. Make sure you have proof of meeting within two years, pictures flight hotel receipts. Receipts with both names on them. Etc. Don’t include chats if you call each other “wifey or hubby” this can cause a denial as they would think you are too married for the K1 and not married enough for the CR1. The statements of intent to marry are fine. what specifically did you say that would make it look like an arranged marriage?
  11. K & R

    Medical Examination.

    Hi!! For London you have to book the medical and the interview yourself. The medical i believe you can book by ringing up knightsbridge. Once you have a medical appointment date and since you completed the DS160 online you would be good to go to book the visa appointment at the embassy as well. The booking for this is online and if i remember correctly they mailed my husband instructions on how to sign up etc. Just make sure you book your embassy appointment at least 7-8 business days after the medical. They recommend 5 business days (which we did) and my husband's medical hadn't arrived yet. You can still do the interview without it but it's better for them to have it.
  12. As a LPR you have to live the majority of the year in the USA (more than half the year). I think you can file I 131 for a re-entry permit before you leave for a long period as a LPR. If you do go for 5/6 months CBP will definitely have some questions
  13. K & R

    Medical exam

    You technically can as stated above but it won’t arrive on time for the interview. My husbands embassy (London) recommended 5 working days in between medical and interview. He did 5 business days exactly in between and his medical still had not arrived at the embassy. It arrived about a day later. So to be safe 10 days as suggested above is usually pretty good. It’s also a good idea to check the country specific forums and embassy reviews to see if anyone has recently had a medical and interview in your country and how long it took their medical to arrive
  14. I don’t think it’s your place to discourage OP from listening to the advice of everyone on this thread. Just because you’re giving your advice doesn’t mean you can discredit others trying to help. A variety of options were given above and everyone was supportive of OP trying for an expedite. But no one is going to sugar coat it either, this could be very serious. And that once it’s at the interview stage it’s still going to take time. Isn’t it better to give OP multiple options in case an expedite doesn’t work?
  15. K & R


    If you both are married and living in Bali, you would apply for a spousal CR1/IR1 visa to move to the us. Previous B1/B2 denials shouldn’t be an issue unless it was something serious like a lying on the application. Current processing times are 12-14 months. I dont know if you can DCF from Bali... I don’t think you can... but if you can that’s an option too (way shorter processing time). Can anyone confirm/deny this?