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  1. Thanks! No we didn't need any additional medical papers for our K1 Visa. The sealed envelope that was taken at entry is all we needed. We asked the CO and apparently you don't need to have a new medical if you came in on a family K visa. Good luck on your interview! :)
  2. The DHS website says 'Interview ready to be scheduled', uscis website changed to 'New card is being produced' about an hour ago Fingers crossed yours changes soon for that peace of mind! Our interviewer said it could even take up to a day or two for the approval to go through. Congrats as well!
  3. Had my interview in Denver today as well! It was pretty busy in there, but we were seen within 10 minutes of arriving and approved 10 minutes later! I was expecting my interview to be another 6 or so months away as well!
  4. Had my AOS interview scheduled for the 18th December. I moved into a new place a week ago (same state, Colorado, and actually moved closer to the office) and did the right thing and updated my address. What happened next? Interview cancelled! Like what? Is there no common sense these days? Surely you would look at new and old addresses and see the same state. Wouldn't it be less paperwork and hassle to just leave the interview where it is? Absolutely baffled. Phoned USCIS this morning to try request my original interview date, but there's nothing anyone can do. What a joke.
  5. Hey ya'll, Would an K1 files who have done their interview be able to confirm a couple of things? The interview checklist states I need my I-693, the sealed envelope if not previously submitted. I believe I submitted this at port of entry, the sealed envelope from the doctor. Are they going to have this on file somewhere? And also the I-864 Affidavit of support. Is this required again if I've already sent this with my AOS application? Do I need an updated one or can it be a copy of the original I sent? Or am I good and don't need to bring it at all? Thanks!
  6. Just got a little text message with an update to my case - Interview was scheduled! From what I can find, this update is an indication that I'm roughly a month out from my interview?? Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
  7. Woohoo, 170 days since filing and my EAD/AP card arrived in the mail! I was expecting something boring like the social security card, but this one is oh so pretty! Now if only I could get some luck with the interview scheduling, that'd be the cherry on top!
  8. I applied for expedite on the 31st August (NOA 13th April). 2 days ago I was approved for both my AP and EAD without actually completing my expedite. The website showed the expedition was in process and they'd sent me mail requesting proof and that the request was completed. I still haven't sent in the requested documents for expedition and I don't think I will since now my status has changed to approved. I don't believe requesting expedite affects where you are in the humongous waiting line.
  9. Just got a notification that new card is being produced, but only on my I-765. No updates for my I-131... Is this normal? Thanks in advance
  10. I also asked for expedition on the 30th Aug, makes me wonder if it'll add time to the strange order they work their cases in...
  11. I'm just enthusiastic to start a career and earn some money again, all this waiting around is a little painful! The EAD shouldn't expire before the Green Card is issued though?
  12. 💀Looks like it's a lose lose situation haha.
  13. Well the good news is we are officially moving there in 2 weeks, and already have some mail going there. I was hoping to get the combo card before heading down from ND. Was wondering if anyone else has moved and had an improvement on wait times from St Paul?
  14. Oh that's a total bummer haha... I wonder if I change my address to Colorado where more family are, if I'll hinder the processing speed or help it along by getting my details taken out of the slow lane?