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  1. How long does NVC generally take to send case to consulate after case number is provided? I’m just getting nervous
  2. How do you know if case is electronic? I called NVC earlier in the week and got my case number and dialed 7? and I thought that option was for general inquiries...
  3. Just called NVC and got my case number. !!!!! It only took a day for them to give it to me from when they received it! NOA1: Oct 18th NOA2: Apr 18th NVC Received: May 7th NVC #: May 8th Hope everything else moves quickly!!!
  4. You can just call NVC press 1 for English then 7. I just called and had a rude lady lol. Gave her my Reciepf # and she said they receive my case today. I’ll try calling back tommorow and see if the nvc number is ready.
  5. Yay! My NOA2 is April 18th too! I'll call later tonight and see if the case number is ready!
  6. No worries. She spoke to me in Spanish felt it was rude to respond back in English.
  7. Eso vi. Si yo ya quiero mi numero porque quiero ir a la entrevista y con mas tiempo mejor, asi pongo vacaciones en el trabajo. Pero comenzare a llamar aver si hay un milagro. Me dices si hay muchas citas disponibles... yo quiero una al fin de Junio! Pero no se si hay mucho tiempo de espera.
  8. That's exciting. Tell me how the process goes in Santo Domingo. I am Dominican and my fiance is from there too. Glad to see a fellow Dominicana. My NOA2: April 18th - hoping to recieve nvc # my end of week.
  9. Long time lurker here. Just was checking the app on my lunch break and my case was approved!!!!!! NOA1: Oct 18th NOA2: Apri 18th I want to thank everyone because your comments and advice kept me sane through these long 6 months. I was losing hope! Thank you guys so much and will continue praying for all of you...
  10. I must have read that wrong. It is needed at the interview. Thank you so much for clarifying that for me. I was reading various things on various websites and was so confused. Thank you
  11. I'm getting all my information from this government website and it explains the steps needed after UCIS approves your petition... Am I wrong? It tells you step by step and paying fees etc... https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process.html
  12. I read that NVC requires the most recent tax transcripts and that is is required before the embassy interview.
  13. Hello all, I'm an October 18th filer and was just wondering if we submit full tax returns or tax transcripts to NVC? I've read both on different websites!