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  1. My PD was Aug 25, 2017 , and status changed to “ready to be scheduled for the interview” since mid-September, 2017. I had my interview at the end of March 2018, got the schedule notification about a month before the date.
  2. Hi everyone, I hope there has been some progress for all of August filers. I've received my green card and wanted to share my experience. My interview was schedule for March 21st, and got notified exactly a month prior to the date. My PD is Aug 25, field office is Boston, MA. About a week before the interview, I signed up for the new uscis tracking site and found out that my status was "ready to be scheduled for interview" since September!! My interview was at 9:30am, my husband and I arrived to the federal building around 9:15am. We were not called until around 10am. IO took my USC husband first, and I was told to wait outside until she comes back for me. After about 10 minutes, I went into the room and my husband stayed while I was being interviewed. I've read many interview experiences so I expected to put under oath and show the IO my ID. But none of that happened (apparently my USC husband did not do this either) , she started to ask me some questions immediately. She was very friendly and it was like having a casual conversation. It seemed like she asked the same questions to my husband, and was trying to see if our answers match. She only asked a few questions - where we went for our first date, where is our wedding going to be (we have our big wedding celebration in May), how did my husband propose to me, and what bank we use for our joint account. And she proceeded with those yes/no questions from I-485. I brought three photobooks, i-94 ,and a big binder of updated documents, such as bank/utility/mobile statements, wedding related receipts, travel itinerary since I submitted the AOS package. She said she has plenty of proof from my original pacakge, so she didn't even take a look at them. Only thing she looked at was our wedding invitation, which she made a copy and included in our original AOS packet. Then she went through our basic information from the application, I took my fingerprint and took a picture. She told me I was approved on the spot, but did not get a stamp. She explained to me about ROC in two years. It was overall a pleasant experience. I think this almost took about 30 minutes. My status changed the next day, and I received the green card exactly a week after my interview. I wish everyone a good luck! If your marriage is real, I don't think you should worry at all.
  3. I also had my AOS (adjusting from F-1) interview from Boston office yesterday and got a verbal approval. My online status changed to “card production” this morning. You should check your status here: https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ This one seems to be more up to date than the other uscis tracker. My tracker app still hasn’t been updated.
  4. Hi all! Today my status updated from “fingerprint fee received” to “interview is scheduled” for March 21. I am excited but also getting nervous as well! My field office is Boston, PD Aug 25.
  5. My status changed to “new card is being produced” on Nov. 17, and it did not update since then. But I received NOA for combo card approval last Wed Nov 22, and got the card in the mail today. My PD is Aug 27. I hope you’ll hear some good news soon.
  6. Just received my combo card today!
  7. Today I received a text notification that my status for I-765 changed to “new card is being produced.” When I checked, it said it was updated last Fri Nov 17th. My I-131 status didn’t change. Does it mean I will probably just get an EAD card and not a combo? My PD is Aug 25 and today is day 87 since then. I hope you’ll all have your statuses changed soon!!
  8. Oh we probably have similar a timeline. My PD is August 25, adjusting status from F-1.
  9. I am applying from Boston! Still at 'fingerprint fee' and 'case was received.' I heard Boston takes about average 8 months.
  10. My husband (USC petitioner) was naturalized before the age of 18 when his parents became US citizen. Apparently, you don't receive the naturalization certificate if you were naturalized before the age of 18 through your parents. I have already submitted my AOS package with a copy of his US passport as a proof of US Citizen. I was advised by a lawyer that it may be good to apply for his certificate of naturalization while I wait for the interview, and bring it to interview if I receive it on time. She said this certificate application takes about 6 months or so and it would be a good supplementary document to have. Do you think it is really necessary to apply for this naturalization certificate to bring it to the interview? It costs somewhere around $1000, lots of things to fill out and takes a while to receive. I am not sure if this is absolutely needed as we have his US passport.
  11. Hello! I am new to this forum. I am so glad I was able to find this so I can follow how everyone's cases are progressing. I am adjusting from F-1. Aug. 24 - AOS package sent Aug. 25 - Package received and signed Sept. 5 - USCIS check cashed Sept. 6 - text/email notification for I-130, I-485, I-765, and I-130 Sept. 9 - Biometrics appointment letter for I-765 Sept. 18 - Biometrics appointment for I-765 So I received the biometric appointment letter (only for I-765) but I haven't received any hard copies of NOA yet. I was able to check the status of all of the forms with the case number I got from the text/email. It says I should receive the NOAs by September 22nd or will need to contact them. Did anyone have this issue? I am sure everything is fine since I already got a biometrics appointment for I-765, does this mean that I will probably get a second biometrics appointment for I-485?