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  1. Question please. Expedited I-485 in Nov due to humanitarian reasons with evidence and got email after 30 days from local field office saying to expect a notice within 120 days. ..& that if a notice is not gotten, to call national call center. Biometrics done over 150 days ago. No interview yet. Has anybody gotten this response to a service request before? what happened after that? Any advice?
  2. What was your receipt date? if you don’t mind me asking, my number is MSC219139, what’s your 3 numbers after 219?
  3. Yup. I am very delighted. Also, I sent my I-693 form with the initial AOS package.
  4. Biometrics letter for 485/765 received in the mail yesterday (Mon, 06/28/21) Biometrics letter is for 07/13/21 and is dated 06/18/21. I am so excited.
  5. 03/29/2021: Form I-130, 1-485, I-765, I-864, I-693 sent via UPS 03/31/2021: Received at Chicago lockbox 05/16/2021: Credit card attempted charge but was blocked by bank for possible fraud (so upsetting) 05/17/2021: Filed I-130 online 05/18/2021: AOS packet re-sent using (USPS) 05/21/21: delivered to the Chicago lockbox 06/08/21: Check cashed 06/08/21: notified via SMS of receipt#
  6. Hey Alvin, in your initially rejected package for AOS to chicago, were you required to include the letter from USCIS telling you about the rejection in the refiled package? My credit card company declined the transaction (they thought it was a fraud after I repeatedly called them before hand) and I am expecting the whole package to be rejected. Since I am sure it will be rejected, I am thinking of sending everything out again because it takes 4-6 weeks before they attempted to process the payment before.
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