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  1. I read the story of your interview earlier and I am glad to find out there was a happy ending!
  2. Wow!!! Thank you so much....this is so helpful... I admire people who are able to be so organized 🙂 it sounds like you were asked more questions than your wife? Is that right?
  3. Would you be willing to share what your list looked like? And what questions did they ask ? We are having our interview next month in Philly...
  4. I would have the same questions if I had not gotten an interview notice! Maybe ask in a bigger forum, not just our group?
  5. Hi there! Ours is on the 14th of March in Philly!
  6. I also got my interview letter but for March 14. ( filled out the timeline already) Wondering about medical though. Do I have to redo it? The one for K1 visa was done in October 2017.
  7. We got scheduled for an interview after 10 months. I was 'almost' surprised as Philly has processing times stretching from 13.5 to 22 months. My medical exam was in October 2017. Do you think I should redo it? Did anybody here redo theirs?
  8. wow! How amazing. Congratulations!
  9. I am really curious how it will go and feel sympathy for your husband as I dislike any interviews strongly! We sent the AOS bundle in February, got rejected for missing stuff, sent it again in March and to be honest I don't expect to hear from them for another few months... Keeping fingers crossed the interview will be easier than I and your husband imagine!
  10. I can just say that I was somewhat afraid of coming back on AP because I read about some bad experiences people had but it was a breeze in a sense. Philadelphia airport was nearly empty when I was coming back. The first officer was totally cheerful, talking to me about 'pierogi' ( Polish food) his mother-in-law makes and the secondary inspection lasted maybe 7 minutes... (the woman only asked if I was still married and how long I was away). I was expecting it to last a couple of hours. You have to realize that the secondary inspection always happens for AP holders, it's nothing unusual. That said, there were some things that you just need some patience about. Before boarding the flight at London Heathrow they checked all of my hand luggage ( airplane crew), then on the domestic flight in the US I had to have a secondary inspection again ( was brief) and at home my checked-in bag turned out to be searched, I found a note inside... And they did ask for AP every time... I was afraid it is not so common but it must be because everybody seemed to have known what it was! But I must admit I cannot complain, was treated well but my feeling is it very much depends on what kind of person lets you in... so good luck, I hope you will have no issues coming back!
  11. It should not be a problem, she just has to be prepared everybody with AP card will have additional check while entering back, forget what's it called and she may need to answer some questions. Some people were given hard time if they went for 2 months. But one has only one mother so she'd better go if she can.
  12. In a way I am glad I am reading it... it's just sometimes one is not prepared for such hostility... so now I am! But still hoping it will be less outrageous! And I have to hide the part of me that is thinking of some snarky comments, probably not too wise...