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  1. Yes, I took the knowledge test and have the learner’s permit! Quite scared to drive, I’ve never done it before haha. Oh I think that’s nice that you can be some kind of picky about your future job, it’s better than get a place and than regret it..
  2. I hope you’ll get your card interviewless then!! Everything is going well! I’m attending some classes at our community college (just for myself, no diploma or something), learning to drive, preparing resume, that kind of things! What about you? Do you have your combo card? (I have troubles checking people’s timelines from my phone)
  3. That’s what I thought about Seattle office too! I’ve no idea why they picked my case a year sooner than expected.. But you’re welcome to move over here! XD
  4. Yayyy! Congrats! You see, no trust in online status..
  5. My ead/ap status didn't change, it still says "Fingerprint review was completed" for ead and "Case was received" for ap. I think they might stay the same and never change, online status is quite an unreliable source, I think..
  6. My application wasn’t expedited, I have no idea why it went through so fast. I wasn’t expecting it until next Christmas. I’m not complaining though! 😄
  7. Hello, dear Berries! I'm here to share my interview experience. It was yesterday, on January 15th in Seattle, WA. It was very easy and we got approved at spot. We arrived 40 minutes earlier, went through security check (they most likely will ask you to take your shoes off - pretty much like in an airport), then got our number (it was 52) and went upstairs where the interview rooms are. We heard numbers 34 and 35 called and were sure to get stuck for a couple hours. But we were called next, about 5 minutes before our scheduled time. The officer was very nice and really made the interview to not feel as such an official thing. At first we swore to tell the truth, only truth and nothing but truth. Then he asked us for our passports and IDs since he saw them in our folder. Then he took a picture of me (for identification purposes he said) and fingerprints of both index fingers. Then he said we'd go through the form to confirm the data. He asked me pretty much all the question from I-485: my full name, date of birth, previous names, address and work history, names of my parents, number of marriages and children, my wife's full name and date of birth. During that he asked me if I was working since I arrived. I said no, and he asked, "How do you guys pay for stuff?". My wife said that she's working full-time, and he seemed to be pleased with the answer. Then he went through all the yes/no questions. When I answered he was crossing out every point all this time. After that he signed the form and asked me for another signature. After this part he asked how we met. We told the whole story from our first message till our days. He asked when exactly we started dating and if the website we met on was a dating site. Then he was like "Okay, I see you brought some papers for me, let's see them". He was only interested in relationship proofs, he didn't asked for any additional financial papers or of what was already submitted - so no birth certificates/marriage certificates/ SSNs. He took the vet bills with both our names on it. It was the only type of bills we had - before that we told him we're living on the land owned by my wife's dad, so he was fine with us not giving any utility bills. Also he added to our case the print out of phone bill that shows that I'm added to the family plan, copies of wedding/Christmas card sent to both of us and a letter from the insurance company that shows me as dependent. Then he flipped through our photo album (approx. 60 photos since our first meeting till Christmas). He asked about people in a few of the pictures, then asked where our wedding ceremony took place. There was a cute moment when he saw a picture of us with our puppy and was like "Oh is it your dog?? Okay, now you're all the way in." Oh and also at some point he asked what field I want to work in. That was it. He said, "Now you can relax, I'm gonna approve your case" and asked me if I'd like to get a stamp in my passport that will serve as a temporary Green Card. Of course I said yes (I feel more secure with this stamp haha). He said he'd bring it in about 15 minutes downstairs, so we waited there for him. The I-551 stamp says it's employment authorized and valid for 2 months. We left the building and were in the car at 11.00 (interview was scheduled for 10.30). Last night my status changed twice - first to "Interview was completed and my case must be reviewed" and then in a couple hours to "New card is being produced". So overall it was a VERY easy and pleasant experience. I hope everyone waiting will ave their interviews soon and as nice as mine!
  8. Quick update - interview scheduled for January 15
  9. But I asked Santa for an embroidery set! 😅
  10. Hi everyone! I don’t know if something broke at Seattle office, but on Saturday morning my case status changed to “Interview was scheduled”. I’m not sure if it’s true, because at USCIS site it says 11 to 25 months. So just waiting for the mail to come (or not to come). Quite stressed. I hope everyone is doing well.
  11. Biometrics done! Arrived there 2 hours earlier, everything was done within 10 minutes! Now we can hibernate till January. How’s everyone doing? Can you feel fall where you are?
  12. Aw, some people are so lucky to get the biometrics appointment close to home.. mine is like 3 hours away, and it’s gonna be my wife’s busiest day at work, so I’ll take a bus to get there alone.. anyone else as lucky as me?
  13. It did! What about your events? Did you have a fancy wedding or a court house one? What are you usually doing during the days? Is there anything special you can do in New York?