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  1. Just giving some feedback after my info pass at Seattle office. They approved my emergency AP today and it is valid a month from today. I asked what will happen with my previous AP application, and I was told nothing will change and I will receive it as a combo card. Also, I don’t need to return it.
  2. I was expecting him to be wrong after reading all others' experiences with SSN. He gave me high hopes. Oh well, at least he didn't take my SSN card. THAT IS CRAZY! They should have sent a denial letter by now. Maybe you will get the interview and green card faster!☺️
  3. Seattle waiting times are crazy. I remember we had the same Biometrics day so I will let you know if my case status change.😬
  4. My SSN came late in December 14 days before my K1expired. I went that same day to the local SSA and the officer told me he can change my name and that there is no rule for not applying until last 14 days. Guess what? HE WAS WRONG😤. Today, I received a letter saying I have been denied a name change on a new SSN because I had 14 days until my k1 expired.😑 Waiting for my EAD/AP now.
  5. Thank you. I will try😥. I had extractions last January (gaps left to heal) and implants in October( thinking by January, February will have my AP)leaving time to heal again until February as per my dentist. I was thinking no one would have just taken to undergo the next procedure without knowing what happened and without making arrangements for the crowns to be made in short time. But will see.
  6. I did make an appointment next week. I have an translated copy with Apostille from my dentist and all contact numbers, in which says the procedure and why I need to come there by end of February. I hope they will accept it.
  7. Condolences! 😥 I would really want to know if you will receive the combo card or not. I got my AP infopass appointment next week. My timeline says I am getting it around end of April, but I have to go to my dentist abroad by the end of February to get my crowns inserted otherwise the gums will cover it and all will be a waste of money. I cannot go to a dentist here because I have started the procedure January last year there and all has been paid for😬.
  8. Let me tell you a funny story. Two years ago I was travelling with my USC husband (fiancé back then) and while waiting in line at Dallas airport the officer told my husband he can come with me in the same line for foreign passport (he did saw his US passport). Once in front of Immigration officer, (there is a second passport check after luggage pickup) the lady started interogating my husband while checking his US passport🙄😒. Not only she thought he doesn’t speak English, she stamped his US passport with B1/B2 visa 🤣🤣🤣 Stupid. We never had a problem with his stamp being there, so you don’t need to worry !
  9. I have same day appointment, at 8am. I am sure it will be open.
  10. I couldn’t receive any mail until I was added on the lease and registered that I live at our address with USPS. It’s weird because we lived in other buildings and I got the mail before. But the SSA officer told me to do so and I got it the second time. He definitely told me that I need to. Bare in mind the mail verification takes a week or so. So sooner you request it, the faster you get it.
  11. The first time I went to SSA, they told me there is some info they need to check because some data didn’t match. The guy there said normally it will take 4 weeks, but it took two weeks. Second time I went, they sent me a letter first(I got it on 11th December) telling me that the card is coming and Monday the card came in the mail. I don’t know if you need to show up on the lease. Our mailman has to come inside the apartment building and security let’s them in. My building management only takes in mail from people that live in the building, letters addressed to people not showing on the lease system is sent back. Regarding USPS, even the first gentleman at SSA told me I need to register with them at the post office that I live at my husband’s place. I did it online, but I had to wait for a code to be sent so I can prove I am living there. I would advise to go at any post office with ID and marriage licence, if you changed your name after marriage and if you applied for SSN in your married name(I applied before I got married, therefore, I had to register at USPS with my maiden name for now and put my AOS package in name of my husband, because my SSN was coming under my maiden name).
  12. I don’t think your I94 will expire by then. It will take 2-3 weeks. So don’t worry. I came in USA on 9th October and went to the SSA on 24th October. My SSN card came on 5th November, but it wasn’t delivered to me because I wasn’t on the lease and didn’t register with USPS at that time. So I went back to SSA on 26th November just to make sure I am not coming in too early and the lady there told me my SSN was issued but had to reorder my SSN because it was returned the first time. She was a little reticent about doing it ( she gave me my SSN number though) because she said I am getting really close to the date of my I94 expiry(January 6th 2019), BUT yesterday I got my SSN card(it s the number the lady at the SSA gave me)in the mail with my other 3 NOA1s.😊
  13. We have the same AOS timeline&local office 🎊
  14. I am in a similar situation and one of the guys here advised me to fill in 13.a.Yes, 13.b.N/A and then on Page 7 ''Additional Information'' elaborate more on the situation - I have applied for the SSN but have not received it yet as of the time for filing for AOS. Hope that helps.