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  1. My first EAD was combo card and said "serves as I-512 advance parole, while the renewed one says "not valid for reentry in USA".
  2. Hey guys! Last year I applied for my AP & EAD renewal 180 days before expiry. AP was accepted but EAD renewal was rejected because they "misplaced" some of the docs I sent. Long story short, I had to resend my EAD and it was sent to online filing center (although I haven't filed online); it was approved and received it last month but my AP went into "case closed benefit received by other means". My question is what has happened with my AP as I haven't received any info why was put in that status? I have tried to contact USCIS but to no avail. Anyone in the same situation? I know AP is useless due COVID but we have been furloughed and our secondary home in South Korea might open borders so we can stay there during all this situation with our family as we have no relatives in USA.
  3. For my Seattle office fellows ๐Ÿ˜– https://cnsnews.com/article/washington/susan-jones/dhs-offices-closed-washington-state-after-employee-falls-ill
  4. Thank you for your prompt reply. I work for Alaska Airline and they told me I have to also renew my seal for my badge - that's with CBP and they take time to process that. If it is passed the 14th April the badging office will fine me $250 and company is not happy with that either because I work international flights and working without the seal is a big deal that would result in me losing my job, but they can rehire me. I am also on probation and have 370h left, if they have to rehire me I have to go through 6 months of probation again and that is a pain
  5. I was wondering how your renewal process went. I sent the renewal for EAD and Adv P last year. They sent me a letter stating that I am missing pages from my EAD(which was ridiculous because I checked all and it was all they required) but they processed my Adv Parole with MSC case number. I resent my EAD papers and just got a notification with IOE case number. I am not really sure why they processed it like that. Also really worried because I sent everything on time and now I have 44 days until expiry and I might lose my job due the fact that I work in an airport and I need to renew my badge and has to be done 30 days before expiry.
  6. I am also curious about renewing the AP as my combo card is almost 7 months away from expiring.๐Ÿค”
  7. @Shiran if you look at my attachment up, you will see most is waived as A - not age appropriate. The only ones that seem to be very important to have are MMR, Td & influenza(if you had your examination done around flu season). It looks like you have MMR, but it depends if the civil surgeon recognize them as valid. So, you need the Td. Not sure about the civil surgeon, here in WA there are some that charge $395 for I693 and charges separate for Td - $89.
  8. I am really sorry this happened to you๐Ÿ˜”. The nurse there tried to convince me that I can have all the missing shots in US. Of course, I knew better not to listen to her. I also had to do one MMR, because in โ€˜88 -โ€˜89 in communist Romania they only gave Measles&Rubella. I am still searching on the forum for cases like yours, trying to find a solution. But at this point, I donโ€™t think the London clinic can help you modify it because it is already submitted. Unless, thereโ€™s a way for them to contact the place where you will have the interview with the correct vaccination report! I mean, the date of your voluntary vaccination itโ€™s written right there! I wish you good luck! Keep me posted and I will tag you if I see a solution.
  9. I have same vaccination record from the same place. I was born in Romania and moved to UK 10 years ago. They would not recognize the Td I had when I was a child, so I got the same first shot as you got and told to get rest in US. B stands for insufficient time interval to complete series. As @K1visaHopeful said, it looks like there is a mistake, at least mine says 'K1 Visa applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements'. Yours should be marked the same, as you volunteered to get that first shot. It should have been B for Td. I think they filled out and made a mistake!!!
  10. Oh no! Maybe you will get news on the interview soon instead of EAD ๐Ÿ™ . I am crossing my fingers for you! keep positive
  11. It mostly depends on your local office. I was checking the immigration timelines, and even though I know not all applicants for I485 are registered here on visajourney, I was trying to find a pattern. It is hard to predict. Also, found some couples that applied after us and they expedited their I485 and got their interview already. Mine was 'Ready to be scheduled' since March 20th. No news, but got my combo card in April.
  12. hey! Congratulations! I was wondering if you can send me the template for the expedite. I am a December filer and already have the Combo Card. Case is ready for interview since March 20th.
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