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  1. It's my understanding that the DS-3025 is valid for 1 year, so if it's over that time you should bring the I-693 completed to the interview.....
  2. People who filed around mid of July are starting to receive the EAD/AP combo card ...
  3. I agree with you ... Have a good trip...
  4. Congratulations!!!!!
  5. I have seen a lot of July filers receiving their EAD/AP cards.... it looks like our turn will be next month....
  6. Can I ask you how much did you pay for the translator? .... we may have to go to the same route...
  7. Congratulatiens.... just a question, who was your translator??? Did you pay for one or it was a friend??? My wife doesn't speak English...
  8. Congratulations..... it was fast...did you expedite it???
  9. Are you talking about the status for the I-485? If so, my wife' status changed to "Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview" The status for the I-765 (EAD) is " Fingerprint Revies is Completed"
  10. So, it's recomended to check the status online say 2/3 times per week.... or download an app to get notifications when the status changes...?
  11. Are you receiving text/emails from USCIS when the status changes???
  12. Congratulations.... where did you have the Interview?
  13. Same issue with my wife. We went to the DMV here in CA a couple weeks ago and she couldn't get it because her I-94 was going to expire soon (Sept. 24th). They suggested to come back once we receive the EAD card. In the meantime, I was able to add my wife in my car insurance just with her foreign DL. They said she is allowed to drive in CA using the foreign DL.