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  1. Hi everyone, just sharing with you... the AOS interview for my wife was on May 2nd, and Today I received a notification from USCIS saying "New Card is Being Produced"
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What was your online status before this???
  3. Hi, I'm US citizen. My wife came to US with a K1 fiancee visa in June 2018, We married in July 2018 and from the date of married to the last day of 2018 she has been living in the US. In her country, Chile, she worked from January 2018 to May 2018. She has not worked in the US. She has two bank accounts in Chile, and last year she had a combine amount of approx. $13,000 in those accounts. all of these manoy was saving from her job. Some of that money she has been transferring to our bank in the US. from bank to bank (electronically). I have been doing the taxes 2018, Married filling jointly, and Turbotax is asking to file FBAR? Anyone has had experience in this situation? It appears that Turbotax doesn't support FBAR. Who I need to contact to file the FBAR? FYI- she doesn't have the GC, still waiting for the interview. Thanks,
  4. My wife received her AP card last Saturday and I bought a ticket for her to see her dad. What documents besides the AP card are needed to bring???
  5. You SSN card should say something like "Allow to work with DHS authorization "... so you should show to your future empoyer both the SSN card and the EAD card
  6. Combo EAD/AP card received today.... happy about it....
  7. for interview, do you need to bring an interpreter when beneficiary is not fluent in English??? I have heard both yes and not... Thanks,
  8. Hi August filers, My EAD status just changed to "Card was Mailed to Me" .😊.... anyone knows how long does it take to receive the card???
  9. When my EAD status changed to "New Card is being Produced" I didn't received any notification from USCIS, just from the app... I remember that when they received my AOS package, I got 3 notifications by text and email from USCIS... Anyone has the same situation like me?? Do you know how can I register to get future notifications???
  10. Hi, did you status online change to "card has been mailed" or something like this? my status online says "card is being produced" since last Monday 7th
  11. Congratulations.... which was you Field Office?? did you need to bring an interpreter???
  12. I just checked my EAD status online and it changed to "New Card is Being Produced".... anyone knows how long it takes to receive this combo card???
  13. The status of my I-765 says : "Fingerprint Review was Completed" Does it have to change it before it is approved????
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