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  1. Just has our interview yesterday at Chicago office and the officer told us that once he approves it it’s out of his hands and goes somewhere else so he can’t really give us a timeframe but that he could tell us all of our documents look good and seem to be in order. We received the interview completed letter saying there was a continuance for further review of documents. This morning case status changed to “Interview was completed and my case must be reviewed.” Is that normal now? And what are most people experiencing in wait time after interview? We are April 2019 filers. TIA
  2. Okay thanks, I’m going to take it with me to be on the safe side. Nothing has changed since I submitted it other than getting my annual raise. This seems to be the most common thing I’ve heard that they don’t ask for it. Did you interview letter also say the same thing to bring those documents?
  3. Oh ok thanks, I’ll update it in the morning. We filed in April of this year so they do have my most recent (2018) tax return.
  4. Nothing has changed except I’ve got a raise since then. The only thing I didn’t submit before was an employment letter... I’m just hesitant because th HR people are kind of a pain to deal with and when I asked for a letter for the I129F they didn’t even put in it what I told them I needed for the letter.
  5. I’m just questioning the “unless already submitted” part because it says the same thing for the medical exam. since we already submitted the i-864 do we need to bring that stuff?
  6. Hello, We received our interview letter today for my wife and one of the required items to bring with is "A completed I-864 with all required evidence, including the following, for each of your sponsors (unless already submitted): Federal Income Tax returns and W-2's, or certified IRS printouts, for the most recent tax year; Letters from each current employer, verifying current rate of pay and average weekly hours, and pay stubs for the past 2 months" I know this isn't specific to us because I've seen another letter someone received scheduling their interview this week with the exact same list of things to bring. My confusion here is that we already submitted the I-864, and as far as I know, it's required to be submitted with the I-485 and if you don't submit it they will deny your petition, so why would they even list that on there? I would just ignore it and assume that it's not an issue because I already submitted it but I don't remember there being any "required evidence" when I submitted it other than the most recent tax transcript From the I-864 form instructions: "You may include evidence supporting your claim about your expected income for the current year if you believe that submitting this evidence will help you establish ability to maintain sufficient income. You are not required to submit this evidence, however, unless specifically instructed to do so by a U.S. Government official. For example, you may include a recent letter from your employer, showing your employer’s address and telephone number, and indicating your annual salary. You may also provide pay stubs showing your income for the previous six months. If your claimed income includes alimony, child support, dividend or interest income, or income from any other source, you may also include evidence of that income." I sent in 12 months of pay stubs and my most recent tax return with W-2 with the petition. Should I just get two months of pay stubs and a letter of employment to take with us to the interview? I'm just a little confused since we already submitted the I-864 and received no RFE for it and to the point that the interview is scheduled. Thanks for any help.
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