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  1. By the way, I was only ask for ID, passport and work permit, nothing else. Even though that is likely make sure to carry everything they asked for.
  2. Mostly questions about your life after you left your spouse. So questions like do you work, where you work, do you have kids, are you married, did you divorce your ex, if not, why not, have you traveled outside US, where you live, who do you live with. Also, they may ask the same question over and over in many different ways. For example, 1.have you traveled outside US, 2. when is the last time you saw your parents/kids 3.Have you vacationed in Mexico 4.have you been to the other side of niagra fall 5. have you driven into Canada by mistake. The questions will be thrown in at different times. Nothing to worry about they are just try to establish that you have not done anything that will disqualify you.
  3. I finally got my green card in hand. They had sent it to my lawyer's office. I just wanted to encourage everyone who is waiting for their day to come. Even though you are going through this scary roller coaster now, just know it will eventually come to a stop. So just hang on tight, don't give up, don't loose hope keep fighting and keep going. I have been through it all, Bad marriage, Stokes, Removal Proceedings and even Arrest record. All this to say if my roller coaster came to a stop, so will yours. Have faith and stay strong. Even if you loose hope, because I know I did many times, pick yourself up and keep pushing. Many of us, as we are waiting we miss out on alot of things like weddings, baby showers, graduations, separation from children we left behind, missing our families and even sad events like funerals. You have to believe the Supreme Being who brought you here will take good care of you. Your prayers and your tears will not be in vain. You will win!
  4. If I were you I would plan on how to go into hiding. Move, change my phone number or block him. You have decided to go the VAWA way, at this point you don't need him at all, at all. I would also stop figuring out how to talk to him. You honestly don't owe him an explanation. Just move on with your life. Focus on yourself and your daughter. The evidence you have is good. Use all the hospital evidence, the therapy you already attended, plus the new one you want to start. Also your story should be very detailed, don't leave out anything. Most importantly stop thinking about him and worrying about him. He didn't care about you when you were hurting and scared. Move on and let him fill in the blank. Don't worry about explaining anything to him.
  5. I 485 - End of September 2020 EAD- September 2021 ( it was late) Jan 18th got mail for interview Scheduled for past Monday, today Wednesday morning Card production.
  6. They are not supposed to ask about the abuse but some officers do. They will mostly ask about your life after you left the marriage. If you have ever traveled outside US, kids,work, where you live and who you leave with. If you are divorced, if not they'll ask why not. Last time you had contact with your Ex and what it was all about. They can ask weather you have started the divorce process. They can ask the same question in many different ways so pay attention to that.
  7. His trip was fine now because one can come and go as they please if they have a greencard. The problem might arise when applying for citizenship, food for thought...
  8. For those who have received EAD card recently, did you have to confirm delivery by signing for the mail? Or did you just find it in your mailbox?
  9. 09/13/2021 On September 13, 2021, your inquiry about why your case is taking longer than our processing time, referral number SRxxxxxxxxxxxVSC, was completed. I made my inquiry September 1. It was about EAD, hope to have it on hand soon.
  10. I thought medicaid is for low income families. If you are single with that income I doubt you qualify. Go to your states medicaid website and you will get all the information you need. Different states, different rules. Just curious though, what is your profession?
  11. What do you mean by she messed up your time-line? When a case is denied and you don't appeal or respond by the deadline, they can send your case to immigration court for removal proceedings. To check if you are on removal you can call, 800-898-7180. If I were you, I would just apply for VAWA. It's a long process yes, but I'll take that anytime over relationships drama.
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