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  1. Hello, I am in the process of finalizing our AOS packet and I have a few questions just to be sure. 1) For the cover letter, I wrote my husbands name (beneficiary) and not mine, should my name be on there as well? 2) On the visa journey guide it only has 2 passport photos required for the application, since everything is being sent together is that still the required amount of photos? 3) are there any additional documents that should be included with the employment permit application or the travel doc application? Thanks in advance!
  2. When completing the AOS packet, for the AP form which box do you check in part 2 ?
  3. Are k1 visa holders allowed to apply for State IDs/ license? Or do they have to wait until after AOS?
  4. Hello, My fiance and I are preparing to send his AOS packet, I'm just wondering how much evidence is required? Do you need as much as for the K1 packet? Any other tips or suggestions are welcome.
  5. My fiance finally got approved! Good luck to those still waiting!
  6. Thanks! Would my offer letter count as my letter from employer or does it it have to be a specific format?
  7. Hello, can any recent Moroccan k1 applicants tell me what is the required supporting evidence for the i134? Is there anything in particular they’re looking for or just the documents on the form? I’ve read many different things and im still a bit unsure. Thanks in advance!
  8. Quick question, for Moroccan K1 applicants. After completing the DS160, do we go ahead and pay the fee? Also, is the appointment booked online or via email with the consulate? Lastly, how soon after the NVC letter saying your application was being sent to the embassy did you receive p3? Sorry for all the questions, just seeing a lot of different information. Thanks in advance!!
  9. Thank you!! So just include the case number and that’s it?also, where do we upload all the translated docs?
  10. Hi everyone, my fiance is currently trying to schedule his appointment at the Casablanca embassy, online. However, on the portal there’s no option for k1, is he doing something wrong or is he supposed to request his appointment another way?
  11. Just got notice from NVC today! My NOA2 was oct 12. Is the rest dependant in the embassy or are there any more forms i need to fill out.
  12. No1 : March 26 (old) 29 (New) No2 : October 12th!!!!! Good luck everyone!!
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