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  1. its better you take 2017 and 2018 so you can avoid delays
  2. appreciate your support thank you
  3. thank you very much for your support..
  4. hi everyone finally i got my interview date for IR1, my question is my life currently living with in Morocco since 2015 , we got married in second visit, i do not have chat conversations because my wife lives with me do i need to have chats for this period ??, i only have lots photos together also with my family, travel photos so on... we also have joint bank account together in morocco, she has moroccan resident the id have same address as mine, also we have mail box at post office have our names together, thank you your advices would greatly appreciated.
  5. i do not think that will be an issue , just send proofs of visits, conversations, emails, photos together with your family, good luck...
  6. thank you for the advise we called the NVC about it, they are the ones who told us to submit every W2 for 2017's tax return if not to provide explanation letter that he is using only his income, do you recommend me to take I-864a to my interview ? because NVC never asked for it!!!!
  7. in my case the wife of my joint sponsor is working so we attached her W2 and explanation letter showing the difference between his tax return and W2 for 2017, because they fill jointly he stated that he is only using his income to sponsor me not the wife...
  8. hi savan maybe i can help you in this , i had same problem my joint sponsor fill tax jointly with his wife so income tax return is more than W2 2017 so it does not much, your joint sponsor has to explain in letter that he is using his income only to sponsor you not his wife, if wife working attach w2 2017 with the letter, good luck....
  9. if you need an example letter let me know i will send it to you good luck...
  10. like i said he has to get his brother to natorize letter for him that your husband which is his brother currently living with you temporary abroad and that you guys will move once the application approved to his house and to write the address on letter your husband name thats what we did and its been accepted..
  11. ok if they are asking for his brother proof of domicile get 2 phone bill or water electric bill , or bank mails so on.....and upload it just do what they are asking, if they are asking for your husband proof of domicile tell him to ask his brother to natorize a letter that he is temporary living with you abroad and that you guys will move once the application approved to his house and upload it, hope this help...