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  1. We got approved and I am picking up my passport today 😍 I am hoping to buy the tickets for next week. Big question: roundtrip or one way ticket? From what I have read airport agents can be picky with either option. I would rather buy roundtrip because 1. it is cheaper and 2. I would buy the return flight for the end of the year so if I have Advanced Parole I can visit fro Christmas. Would that be a problem? Is it better to buy one way or to buy roundtrip but put the return flight in 3 months from now? Not sure. Any advice will be appreciated.
  2. Yes. Thankfully he received them via mail the evening before my interview and I managed to print them. A lot of people in Naples got put in AP because they did not have the transcripts, only the returns and W2. The employees explained that it's a thing that they changed 2 months ago, so a lot of people did not have them.
  3. Yes, he worked in Japan for 2 years and filed both times. We have his contract, paycheck, employment letter stating that it is a permanent position in the US/income/date the contract started, and a letter written by my fiance simply explaining why he came back to the USA sooner - in our original petition his Japanese contract was supposed to end in July, but he ended it sooner so that he could start working in the US in April and settle before I get there. Do you think we could get denied because we do not have the transcripts and only the returns? I am really paranoid. I hope that if they absolutely need the transcripts, they will put us in AP and wait for them to be available.
  4. Hey @Greenbaum. I have the interview in Naples next week. In their instructions it says to bring IRS Tax Transcripts and the supporting evidence listed with the I-134 instructions. My fiance has filed his taxes one month ago, but his transcripts are still unavailable - and according to IRS will be until June (June is when our petition expires). Up until 2018, the tax returns or transcripts were not needed at the interview. My question is, can we bring his 2018 tax return instead and explain that the transcripts are not available? Moreover, he was employed in Japan all of 2018, so I know that technically his tax return doesn't really matter because it does not show employment in the USA. He is now employed in the USA and we have the employment letter and contract to prove it. We also have his father as co-sponsor. Both his job in Japan and his current job are above the 125% poverty line.
  5. I emailed both Embassies and their reply was that my case number has remained the same. For some reason I could not make the payment with it and the Naples Consulate had to allow it manually. All good now. Interview scheduled for the 15th, the earliest date available. Overall this process has been delayed exactly one month.
  6. Hi, @Greenbaum. I come to you for help once again. My case has finally been transferred from Bern to Naples. I have received an email from Naples saying that my case has been received and to follow the instructions to schedule an interview. However, when I try to make an account using my BENxxxxxxxxxx case number, it says that my case is not ready for an appointment - which is a contradiction since the CEAC website says it is, and I have received an email from Naples telling me to schedule. When I try to replace BEN with NPL, it lets me through and lets me see the available dates etc. Do you know whether embassy transfers automatically change the case numbers to fit the final embassy? When I check the CEAC website and put in both case numbers, they both show March 19th as date created. However, the BEN case number shows the last date modified as today, and the NPL number shows the last date modified as April 8th (the day in which Naples requested the transfer). This process has been delayed a month already, I would really appreciate your insight. Thank you!
  7. Hi @Greenbaum. I did as you instructed and the Naples embassy requested the transfer 2 weeks ago. We are currently still waiting. I do have a question regarding the police certificates. As mentioned, I have never lived in Switzerland. In my physical addresses, I only have Italian addresses, so only the Italian police certficates are required. However, do you think they might ask for Swiss police certificates, since that is my *mailing* address? My parents live there so, since I am always traveling to see my fiancé, I figured it would be better to send important documents to their address instead of mine. The Naples Consulate needs police certificates if I have lived in a country for more than 12 months in the past 5 years. Switzerland is not in my physical addresses list, and of course since I have never lived there they do not even know the length of a possible residency in the country. Because of these reasons, I do not think they are going to ask for it, but I am overwhelmed by paranoia and I'd rather ask someone who knows a lot more than me. 😰 Thank you!!
  8. HELP!! My case has been sent to the wrong country?? I am an Italian resident, and have put Italy as the country where I want my interview to be. However, my parents live in Switzerland and I have put their address as my mailing address. Now the NVC sent the case to Switzerland?! Even though I clearly put Italy as the country where I live and have always lived, as my residency, as the country in which to have the interview. What can I do???? I cannot have the interview in Switzerland, I do not live there, nor ever have I! Please @Greenbaum help!
  9. Hi everyone! Another approval right here, NOA1 Oct. 11th, NOA2 Feb. 26th!! I received an email, checked the new website and saw the approval, I am soooo happy. What is funny is that Monday I begged my fiance to call, but he is the most patient man in the world and said that good things come to those who wait, that calling would not change the approval date. He was right! If he had called on Monday, our case still would have been on hold. I wish the best of luck to all of you guys! 😍
  10. Yes! Do try. Try and ask for a tier 2 officer, they usually have more access to your case!
  11. We had the same situation, we called USCIS and the agent said that it is hardly a problem and that we'll just need to bring the right documents at the consulate. He said that if we were really worried about it, that we could just send a letter to USCIS with our updated info - but he really thought it would not matter, it happens all the time!
  12. I am an Italian citizen, my fiance is American. He is working in Asia at the moment, but will go back to the US in April (we are October filers). He is going to work for his dad's business, called Fianceslastname & Associates, and his dad is also our joint sponsor (because he has been working in Asia for 2 years and foreign income does not count, even though he was making 125% above the poverty line). I have 2 questions: - Is it a problem that the dad is both his employer and joint sponsor? - I'll probably have the interview in late spring, is it a problem that he will start his new job one or two months earlier? Also, we stated in our petition that he will be working in Asia until July, but he decided to end his contract sooner so that he could get everything set up in the US before I have the interview. Should we call USCIS, or just bring the current documents at the interview? I know people move and change their mind all the time, and from what I read on other topics it is no big deal, but I would like to make sure and ask people that are probably more experienced than I am. I will have the interview in Naples.
  13. I am applying for K1 (the US Consulate in Naples does not do CR1 visas, only K1). Since the link you sent me says 6 months, and the Consulate's website says 12, I contacted the Consulate directly and asked them. They said that what is reported on their website - 12 months or more - is the correct one and the one I would have to follow as an Italian. So problem solved, thank you so much 😊😊
  14. Thank you for the answers, both of you! I checked the website of the US Embassy in Naples and it says that you need a police certificate if you have lived in a foreign country 12 or more months, so I will not need a German police certificate 😃 I am still a little bit worried because I did not include that address in the petition, even though my main residence was still in Italy... do you guys think that that might cause an RFE or any other problem, or not? From what I read online it should not, but I would still like to know your opinion! I am new to this whole thing - and to this website, sorry about all these questions, I just can't wait to be with my future husband after 5 years!
  15. Hi everyone, I am the beneficiary of a K1 visa. We just received the NOA1, and I realized that I misread part of our I-129F form... I thought I also had to put my address history since the age of 18, but as beneficiary I had to put my address history since the age of 16 (I am about to turn 22). When I was 16, I spent 10 months in Germany as an exchange student. I did not get a residence there, I still kept my residence in Italy, and I did not sign any paperwork to live at the address since I was assigned to a host family. Also, I was still enrolled in my Italian high school since I was just an exchange student in Germany in collaboration with my high school, and I did not move there permanently or anything. I have been looking for similar threads, and from what I can tell it is impossible to update our address history now. Should I wait for a RFE (if we get one), or should I inform the embassy whenever and if we get accepted without a problem, and bring a police certificate there? I am not even sure whether I need to bring a police certificate since I lived there for less than 1 year. Help would be greatly appreciated!
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