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  1. I was just confused and worried cause I thought it was forbidden to get married while on esta..
  2. Yeah and I will return home then apply for the visa. Is that possible?
  3. Hi, can I get married in USA while on ESTA then fly back to Italy and apply for a CR1 visa? Thanks
  4. So I won't have any problem if I will get married on an ESTA? Thanks
  5. Hi, I need an info. Can I get married in us then fly back and apply for CR1 while in Italy or I have to get married outside the US? Thanks
  6. Oh wow, so it's possible! Do you know what documents they ask to show? Thanks
  7. Hi, any suggestion for me and my gf? She lives in the us and we want to meet in Italy where I live. How can we do? Thanks
  8. Can I know which proof of the quarantineCBP ask at the border? For instance, if I quarantine in Croatia and I'm Italian, my passport won't be stamped or scanned. It's the airbnb receive enough? Thanks
  9. Who have flown with Turkish airlines? How was your experience?
  10. Will turkey allow me to fly in and don’t quarantine when coming from US?
  11. Hi, do you think that on my fly back from US I will be able to fly to from LA to MILAN stopping in Turkey without any problem? Or you think that in Turkey they will have a problem with me coming from the United States?
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