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  1. I received my combo card yesterday 🥳 Question: I requested a Social Security Number through the I-765 form. Now what? Is the SSA going to mail the document to my address, or should I go there?
  2. Hi there, I messaged you privately!
  3. My status changed to "Card Was Picked Up By The USPS" and I was given a tracking number. My status on the MyUSCIS platform is still "Case Was Received", but on the Case Tracker app and regular/old website it keeps being updated. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Oh, right, it needs to change to "Card Has Been Mailed", makes sense. Still says "New Card Is Being Produced", but I've already received two letters of approval. I-131 approval notice came yesterday and I-765 approval notice just came in the mail
  5. Ugh. Did you have to renew your EAD? Why does it take so long over here?
  6. On Monday I received a USPS Informed Delivery notification about two USCIS envelopes on the way. Yesterday I only received one, and it was the approval notice for I-131. The other envelope contains the actual Combo Card. I was expecting to receive them together. Are they normally sent and received separately? Or is the USPS system not exactly precise?
  7. My EAD/AP were finally approved after 158 days!
  8. Technically it should change to "New Card Is Being Produced" to know it's approved.
  9. Yay, you too! Congratulations. Did your I-131 status change?
  10. Thank you! Exactly, the I-765 status changed from "Case Was Received" to "New Card Is Being Produced". The I-131 status still says "Case Was Received" The I-485 status still says "Fingerprint Fee Was Received", but I live in Miami and I'm in for a looooong wait before I have news about the interview.
  11. My I-765 status has finally been updated! "New Card Is Being Produced". Olé 🎉 My I-131 status still says "Case Was Received", but I suppose it's being issued too, as the two applications come in one single card. Waited a total of 154 days since NOA1.
  12. I thought the same. Well, it will come eventually
  13. Where could I check that? I have only been relying to the VisaJourney "processing times" section, which reports different dates (it says they're processing applications with NOA1 date of August 12th as of today, hence my doubts). Is there a USCIS official source where I could keep track of the processing times? I am fairly patient about bureaucratic waits, but it would be helpful to try to have a rough estimate. Thank you
  14. My NOA1 is August 6th and still no sign of EAD/AP. Anyone in a similar situation?