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  1. I thought every applicant will be called for an interview. Isn't getting the interview waived a super rare case that started happening less and less and less?
  2. I requested a SSN on the I-765 form, I'm assuming it will be sent to my address with the combo card? And then I'll go to the SSA to update the name on it.
  3. Yes, I know I should have just simply filed for AoS under my married name. In that moment I wasn't well informed, and I thought I had to take action through the court for a name change, because I didn't know the marriage certificate itself is enough proof for me to legally use my new last name. I hope I will be given the opportunity to change it during the interview, as many have reported it looks like it's a possibility. How much would the discrepancy of names between my combo card/green card and the rest of my documents affect me?
  4. My husband requested a new credit card connected to his bank account on my name, and they issued it in my married name. They simply told us to update the SSN info once I'll receive it.
  5. Hello there! I know this is a pretty common question among immigrant folks, but I found so many overlapping information that I ended up being quite confused about what steps I need to take. So, I married and filed for AoS using my maiden name. I'm currently waiting for my Combo Card and Green Card. Don't have a Driver's License/State ID yet, I was never issued a SSN due to a mistake from the Social Security Administration and I ended up requesting it again through USCIS on the I-765 form. In the meantime I started using my new name on various occasions and documents, including my credit card, health insurance, gym membership, Costco membership and whatnot. Question: do I need to file a petition for a change of name to the court? Or will changing the name on SSN and DMV documents be enough? live in Florida. Also, how will this reflect on my combo card and green card? The combo card will come under my maiden name. I know that I can request to have my new name on the green card during the interview, otherwise the fee to change it is $750 (ouch). Or should I just wait and legally change my name only after my green card is issued?
  6. Miami Field Office here. Looks like AoS applicants are in for extra long waits for their AoS interview that can go up to 17 months! My status has not been updated since "Fingerprint fee was received". I've been reading it's pretty common. There's no point in obsessing over the wait though, I'm just enjoying the sun 🌞 Any other South Florida filer in this thread? You might find this article interesting https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/immigration/article208692884.html Cheers!
  7. Just came across this Miami Herald article from a few months back. Thought it might be a useful short read for all South Florida filers https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/immigration/article208692884.html
  8. Thanks, but my friends need information, not opinions.
  9. Extremely helpful information, I appreciate you taking time for the reply. Thank you!
  10. Hello there, Asking this question for an Italian friend who doesn't speak English and needs some information. Her 16 year-old son is in the US with a F1 Visa and currently enrolled in a private high school in NJ. He started the 2018-2019 academic year there and is being hosted by a US family. She has relatives in NY and they were thinking about extending his stay with 1 additional year of high school. They would like to send him to public high school for the 2019-2020 academic year. Is that even a possibility? What are this kid's options for continuing his education in the United States? Can he have his Visa renewed, move to NY to his relatives, and complete an additional high school year? I'm a K1 Applicant who's in her AoS phase, have no kids and don't know much about this Visa category. I apologize for sounding completely lost.
  11. Exactly, I saw extra cheap ones in other areas, but the added $$$ from Uber/Lyft made it more inconvenient than the other higher fees. We'll see! We gotta do what we gotta do. Thank you for your help
  12. You don't say 😅 I contacted this one but they didn't have any availability and I needed to send the packet ASAP. Hopefully I will have enough margin when the interview will be scheduled to save some money Thanks!
  13. Thanks for your reply! ugh. I already had to pay a CS before sending the AoS packet because I only had one MMR shot and I needed a second one to have the form marked as complete. The total for getting the vaccine and have the doctor file ONLY part 9 of the form (which means just ticking the MMR box off on the vaccine list) was $250 😷 and no more than 2 months earlier I paid €220 for the full medical before the K1 interview. I live in Edgewater/Midtown too, maybe the cost was so elevated because of the area? I’ll start looking for cheaper CS from now. Too bad the insurances don’t cover any costs for immigration purposes.
  14. I’m adjusting from K1, my NOA1 dates are in early August. Does this mean that I shouldn’t be expecting any interview until the second half of next year? Oh, and other question: I did my medical examination in early March, before the K1 interview. Will I have to find a Civil Surgeon to file a new I-693 for the Green Card interview? The instructions say that it has a validity of 1 year, I’m already 7 months in 😒 Civil Surgeons in Miami are so expensive 😖