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  1. So basically you think we won't get affected?! Also, I filed today for my EAD renewal. Could that be affected too by the EO?
  2. Exactly, my AOS is pending since I applied in December 2018. I haven't had my interview yet.
  3. I am not a Permanent Resident, my AOS is still pending. I filed in December 2018 and still haven't had my interview. @givionte
  4. Hi all, I know we don't know anything for certain until he actually signs the EO. But if we, spouses of USC already in the US with AOS pending, are affected, does it mean that is only suspending the processing of the Green Card or does it mean that we can get kicked out? Just trying to see worst case scenarios and be prepared with options. Thanks!
  5. Actually, I saw in my last i94 that my class of admission was DA. Could I simply put that?
  6. although, the last time I was admitted with the Advance parole. Should I still put K1?
  7. So even on class of admission on the i-131 form (part 1, item 6) do I put this? Many thanks
  8. Also, what would it be my immigration status now? "Pending AOS"?
  9. Great! Thank you so much! I did mean December 2018. Do I send both forms in the same envelope? do I still need 2 photographs for each form?
  10. Thank you. Can i file both (EAD and AP) together? I saw that in the AP form there is not an option for a renewal. Do I apply like it is the first time? And no fee, right? Also, do I still have to send 2 photographs for each form?
  11. Hello all, I came to the US with a k1 visa, got married and filed for the AOS on December 2019. I got my EAD/AP at the end of July 2019. I am guessing, especially considering the emergency, that my GC interview is not coming any time soon. So I was thinking about renewing EAD/AP. Is now a good moment to do it or should I wait closer to the expiration of my EAD/AP so I will get the extension? Also, can i renew both EAD/AP? Do I have to pay any fee? Thank you! Stay safe and healthy!
  12. do you mean if "K1 visa applicant voluntarily completed vaccinations requirements" is checked? because it is
  13. I checked with one person only. Same situation. Seattle (my FO) has a wait of 17-19.5 months. So I kinda know it is normal. I just wanted to check anyway. My status says "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" since may 2018.
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