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  1. We are waiting to file N400 under 5 year rule. Filing under 3 year rule puts you on the spot for proving the marriage again. Daughter has to wait for 5 years anyway, so we'll just file both at the same time.
  2. I think they meant filing AS a child. They appear to have come over on something other than a K visa. Perhaps an IR-2? Either that, or they didn't complete their timeline fully.
  3. If you were able to check your case status, I'm not sure what you're asking. You obviously already added your case to your account. Unless you are talking about the new vs old sites... You have to manually add your case numbers, in either case.
  4. In addition to a copy of the cards I also sent printouts of the pages (for each year), on my employer's benefits site, which showed that my wife and daughter listed as my dependents for the health coverage.
  5. Okay so we received a biometrics appointment letter for our daughter. Wife's biometrics were re-used from AOS back in September. Guess they lost our daughter's file? Also, they put both the original case number (from daughter's first NOA when wife didn't receive one) and the second case number that was generated with the second NOA (when they finally processed receipt of wife's application). None of this makes any sense, anyway. How the hell did they process daughter's NOA first and not the wife's since she's a dependent on wife's application? Frustrating.
  6. We're 104 days out, as well. Took 3 weeks for wife to get NOA which was the new 24 month. Daughter (listed on application) got NOA in a week and was the old 18 month. When we received wife's NOA, they also sent another for daughter but it was still 18 months and also had a different case number from the first NOA. Wife's biometrics updated about 3 weeks after NOA. Still nothing on daughter... Based on the above, I'd say they really don't have their act together. Texas service center.
  7. Wife's biometrics waiver letter is in mail today. Still nothing on daughter.
  8. Same here, for wife. Daughter's case number no change. SRC service center. 8/13/2021 application received.
  9. "Ready to be scheduled for interview" status can last for quite awhile. It has zero bearing on how long before an interview is scheduled. She should just proceed with the waiver.
  10. Okay well it was indeed two extension letters. 24 months for my wife and just a duplicate of the one they sent for our daughter back in August with 18 months but a different receipt number. Oh well. Just glad we won't have to schedule an appointment (yet) for a stamp.
  11. Just as with anything, someone has to be first... I'm guessing most backlogged cases are flagged for interviews.
  12. Didn't think of that. Really hope not. That would possibly mean selected for interview.
  13. Informed delivery is showing two letters for my wife and daughter, today. Guessing the letter for daughter is a re-do for the new 24 month extension.
  14. So looks like they finally entered my wife's application into the system on Friday. The receipt number is working now and it shows "submitted on" date of 9/3. The description does have the correct date of 8/13 for being received. Now, if they will just send the extension letter
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