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  1. Any one here applied online for N400 in April and local office is Chicago? I received the biometric reuse letter 1 month after applying. Haven't heard anything after that. IF your local office is Chicago what stage of process are you all at?
  2. Hello all where do you see the estimated processing time for my application in the uscis my account?
  3. Congrats Ollie. . . What questions were asked at the interview? will this be the civic interview?
  4. I chatted with Live agent and she said that on her side she doesn't see any RFE and all sees is Biometric was reused notice. As soon as i finished the chat my document upload section was updated with PDFs of Receipt and biometric reuse notice. So hopefully it is a glitch as it was for other fillers from January. I am tiered of all the paper work.
  5. yes i did but my green card was expired. 10 year card is approved but in mail from past 10 days. i didn't upload the notice that says i applied for condition removal. i also uploaded marriage cert.
  6. This is the email i got this morning so i logged in. But online it doesn't tell me what the RFE is for. Any one else faced this ?
  7. 😳 wonder what i did wrong that they had to send request for evidence right away. I added pictures, taxes (3 years) auto policy, home insurance, joint bank statements (6 months) our kids birth certificate, passport, My husbands birth certificate, home title,
  8. submitted my application only just now and starts the every ending waiting game. I am still waiting for my GC after ROC application submission in Feb 2020. from April 5th it says card is mailed but i haven't received it yet.
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