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  1. Amen.They are bound to do another one since the cancer recurred if that is the right word and this time worse than the first time,then this immigration issue comes up,what an unfortunate turn of events😭
  2. Alright.Thank you so much for the feedback. We'll just wait then
  3. will they still approve our 1-130given the conditions?we filed in January of 2021...still under active review since then
  4. okay,so what options do we have now?should the dad petition for him again?(he has cancer and my husband was his bone marrow donor 😭😭😭)should we wait to be referred to an immigration court?anyone with an idea?
  5. Yes,he stated he was married and that was the basis of the denial.He got married prior to admission to the states.They also granted me a b2 visa(to visit him)3years ago, maybe it didn't catch their eye then i don't know
  6. Apparently yes.We didn't know we couldn't get married after the visa,we could have waited till he entered and came back.It was not willful,but we are paying for it.No one to help us.
  7. Yes he is a green card holder and was granted a visa under an unmarried son of a u.s citizen.
  8. Hallo!my spouse's citizenship was denied because we got married after he was granted an immigrant visa but before entry to the u.s.unfortunately An appeal is out of the question for us.How do we go about this?He was petitioned for by his u.s citizen dad.our children i are still abroad.We were hoping to join him but with this going on I don't know what to think.please help
  9. 60 days(since 03/03/2021)still under active review no approval yet
  10. You are so lucky, we filed our I-130 Petition on 01/31/2021 Actively reviewed on 03/03/2021 Still waiting for NoA2
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